Volume 2, Issue 2, April-May,2014

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   A Survey on: Strom Problem and Energy Efficiency in DSR Protocol in Mobile Ad-hoc Network
         Authors : Deepti Badal, Mrs. Shweta Meena- India
   Performance Analysis of Fingerprint and Iris Verification Based On ELM and Genetic Algorithm
         Authors : Riya Mary Thomas, Linda Joseph- India
   Determination Of Effect Of Cutting Parameters On Tool Wear And Chip-Tool Interface Temperature In Turning Of Titanium Grade 2
         Authors : Ranjith kumar.K, Ramki.M, Rasakumar.R, Pravin kumar. P- India
   Optimisation of Gating and Riser System for Casting of Pump Component using Casting Simulation Technology
         Authors : Chaitanya Mathkar, Pushkaraj Kalsulkar, Mihir Datar- India
   Thermal Analysis of Heat Pipe Using Taguchi Method
         Authors : Indrajeet Bhoite, Avinash Rahane , Dinesh Sode, Chetan Sawant, Prof.Y.R.Ingole , Prof.P.D.Khaire- India
   Advanced Trust Establishment among Nodes in DTN using Probabilistic Misbehavior Detection Scheme and Nectar Protocol
         Authors : D. Durai kumar, M.Valarmathi- India
   A Hybrid Similarity Measures For Integration In Image-Rich Information Networks
         Authors : V.Abinaya, Mr.A.R.Ashok Kumar, Prof.D.Durai Kumar- India
   Comparison of Power Dissipation and Delay of Two Stage and Three stage Voltage Sense Amplifier
         Authors : Smriti Shubhanand, Himani Sharma, Deepanshi Agarwal, Parul Gangwar, Akanksha Oli- India
   Interlaminar Shear Strength of Carbon Fiber and Glass Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Matrix Hybrid Composite
         Authors : Prashanth Turla, S. Sampath Kumar, P. Harshitha Reddy, K. Chandra Shekar- India
   Storyboard-A New Approach For Extraction Of Key Scenes From Novels
         Authors : Aarthika.R, Malathy.C - India
   Reliability and Maintenance Management of Power System Networks
         Authors : Ramleela Khare, Dr Filipe Rodrigues E Melo - India
   Design and Performance Analysis of Liquid Fueled Pulsejet Engine
         Authors : Bhogaraju Nikhil, Guglothu Purnivas , B. Veera Brahmendra Rao , N. Kalyan Chakravarthy, N. Leela Prasad - India
   Reversible Data Hiding Using Line Based Cubism Image
         Authors : Infant Jini N.S, Priya .S.V - India
   Glitch free NAND based Digitally Controlled Delay Line for Spread Spectrum Clock Generator
         Authors : Christy Varghese, E.Terrencea- India
   Human CAPTCHA Using Video Technology
         Authors : Thilagavathy .D, Priya .S.V - India
   Speech Recognition in Phone Calls Using Mobile Phone Cloning
         Authors : U.C.Azhagu Raaj, S.Gowtham Viswanath - India
   Two Tales of Privacy on Online Social Network
         Authors : Amitha Varsha . R, Jeba Moses.T- India
   Multiple Sensor Application using Secure Data Aggregation
         Authors : Shanthi. G.S, Chandrakala.K.R.S- India
   Ontology Based Data Integration with Flexible Querying System
         Authors : Ilakkiya.P, Amudha.S- India
   Analysis of Melanoma Using Color Parameter
         Authors : T Y Satheeshsa, Dr. D Sathyanarayana, Dr. M N Giriprasad- India
   Context Aware E-Learning using Ontology Framework (Full paper is removed)
         Authors : R.Prabagaran, R.Guna, D.Vairamuthu- India
   Digital Image Steganography Techniques: Case Study
         Authors : Santosh Kumar S, Archana M- India
   An Inspection on Intrusion Detection and Prevention Mechanisms
         Authors : N.Kanagadurga, S.Aarthi- India
   Logo Matching and Recognition in 2D View Based on Context-Dependent Similarities
         Authors : Portchselvi.S, Rajalakshmi.A, Appasami.G- India
   Cloud Computing with Increased Performance using Key Distribution Center
         Authors : A.Azhar Mohammad Yousuf ,J.Godwin Manickaraj,G.Praveen Kumar - India
   Secure Web-Based Service in Content Distribution Network
         Authors : Rajeswari .K, Kavitha .M- India
   Micro-Controller Based Intelligent Wheelchair Design
         Authors : G.Kalasamy, A.Mohammed Imthiyaz, A.Manikandan, S.Senthilrani- India
   Face Recognized Mail Accessor with Pattern Based Spam Filtering
         Authors : E. Evangelin Jeni, S. Jeyalaximi- India
   Biometrics and Steganography based Secure Online Voting System
         Authors : V. Jothi Lakshmi, P.Vineka, V.Anbarasu- India
   RF Power Harvesting for Prototype Charging
         Authors : Heera Harindran, Favas Vj, Harisankar, Hashim Raza, Geliz George,Janahanlal P. Stephen- India
   Privacy Preserving High-Dimensional Data Mashup
         Authors : Megala .K, Amudha .S- India
   A Conventional Query Processing using Wireless XML Broadcasting
         Authors : Subhashini. G, Kavitha .M- India
   A New Approach For Confidentiality Leakage Using Dpps in Cloud
         Authors : K.Kanimozhi, S.Sankari - India
   Cross Layer Based IDS Frame Work Using Machine Learning Algorithms in MANET
         Authors : J.Paramesh, A.Pandiaraj, R.Bala Santhosh, S.Karthickeyan- India
   Improving Efficiency by balancing the load using Enhanced Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm in cloud Environment
         Authors : Ashwini L, Nivedha G, A.Chitra- India
   Deducing user Seek Goals with Feedback Series using Fuzzy Self Constructing Algorithm
         Authors : R.Keerthika, G.Ilanchezhiapandian,- India
   A Framework for Specifying and Coordinating Reliable Web Services
         Authors : J.Abinaya, A.Appandairaj- India
   Privacy-Preserving in Xml Information Brokering Using Automation Segmentation and Query Segment Encryption
         Authors : N.Rajesh, K.R.S.Chandrakala- India
   Wired and Wireless Transmission of Data between Pen drives and Pen drives to Computer Using ARM
         Authors : M. Loganathan,Narendran.S, Rajeshkumar.P,- India
   A Posture Recognition-Based Fall Detection System for Monitoring an Elderly Person in A Smart Home Environment
         Authors : G.Sundari, Prof.G.Ilanchezhiapandian- India
   Avoiding Link Failure Using Seamless Bgp Reconfiguration (Full paper removed)
         Authors : N.Srinivasan, N.Belina- India
   Privacy Preserving Co-operative Statistical Analysis for Computing Medical Data
         Authors : Charumathi.M, Harini.K, D.Anbarasi- India
   Solar - Ac Power Generator
         Authors : Renju V.Rajan, Neethu V.S , Saranya Thilak, Rijo Titus ,Remya K.R Janahanlal P.Stephen- India
   An approach for balancing Intensity and color discrepancy of histopathology images for accurate clustering of tissue cells for significant analysis of bone cancer
         Authors : Vandana B.S, Antony P J, Sathyavathi R Alva- India
   Near Field Communication in Mass Marketing
         Authors : Deebika.D- India
   Accident Monitoring And Determining Wellness Of Persons Using Wireless Network
         Authors : Thomaslinveronatheena J, Anuja D- India
   Solitude Preservative Public Auditing with Access and Permission
         Authors : S.Sharmiladevi, Prof.G.Ilanchezhiapandian- India
   Providing a New EAACK to Secure Data in MANET
         Authors : Mr. R. Praveen Kumar, A.Excellencia, P.Kanimozhi- India
   Secured Cloud Services by using Multi-Clouds and Secret Sharing Algorithm
         Authors : S.Nandhini, Sukanya Anand, Ezhilarasi- India
   A visual cryptography scheme for colour images using halftone pattern
         Authors : Andal devi K, Ilamathi K,Packialakshmi T- India
   Optimization in Lossless Data Hiding with the Advent of Line based Cubism like Image
         Authors : Janani Gopalakrishnan, Kumari Gunja, M.Jeevitha- India
   Gsm Interfaced Intelligent Energy Meter for Energy Management
         Authors : Arjun Sasikumar, Arif Aboobaker, Arsha S, Apsara Surendran, Antony Nycil, Janahanlal Stephen- India
   Portable ECG Recorder with Gsm
         Authors : Helmi K.A, Hima K Viswanath, Jayasankar N.K, Jain Thomas, - India
   Secure routing protocol in sensor networks for vampire attacks
         Authors : Ms.T. Sumaiya Begum, S. Swathilakshmi, Mrs. S. Blessy- India
   Wireless Sensor Network Based Intelligent Automobile Monitoring and Controlling Using Event Data Recorder
         Authors : C.Manoranjitha, S.Lieze- India
   Improving the Fairness and Stability in Allocating the Resource with Multiple Connections
         Authors : Jeganathan.P, Ashief Ali.S.L, Nithya.B- India
   Real Time Social Data Analysis for Forecasting Nature Disasters
         Authors : P.Balaji, G.Ilancheziapandian, A.Appandairaj - India
   Secure Key Distribution Scheme Using Combinatorial Design in WSN
         Authors : Rekha.A.K, Sivasankar.S - India
   Detection and Localization of Multiple Spoofing using GADE and IDOL in WSN
         Authors : U.Kavitha - India
   E-Voting System Using Android Application
         Authors : M.S.Sai Mohit, M.Karthik, T.Rajavel, J.Sangeetha - India
   Detecting abandon objects fastly through blob analysis
         Authors : Prakash.R, Kumaran.P- India
   Uav Based Weather Estimation Using Mobile Phone
         Authors : Divya Prakash, Dinu Mary Alias, Deepa Hariharan, Eldhose Shaji, Muhaseena Moideen, Janahanlal P.S- India
   A Self-Destructing Data for Secure Cloud Storage
         Authors : M.Nandhini, R.Karthi- India
   Design And Implementation of Low Power Multiternary Digit Adder
         Authors : Dr.R.S.Rajesh, J.L.Jini mary- India
   Generating An Iris Code Using Iris Recognition for Biometric Application
         Authors : S.Banurekha, V.Manisha, M.Jeevitha - India
   Anti – Tilting System and Protective Measures on Small Scale Boats
         Authors : Jerrin Wilsonn, Jisha K.S, Jeneese Joseph, Scaria Abraham, Janahanlal P. Stephen - India
   Asymmetric key Encryption with Privacy Preserving in clouds
         Authors : Ajitha.S, Apirajitha.P.S- India
   Continuous Skyline Queries in Mobile Environments
         Authors : Daslin Pragacini.D- India
   Entity Recognition by Extracting Properties from Web Documents
         Authors : P.Pandiyan, G.Ilanchezhiapandian- India
   Privacy and Blocking of unwanted comments in OSN user walls
         Authors : Vidhya.A, Keerthana Sukumar, Kalaivani Rajendran, Divyameenakshi Velusamy- India
   Live T.V Experience in Smart Phones with Cloud using Video Transcoding and Surrogate
         Authors : Pradeep B.M, Venkatravanna Nayak K, Krishna Gudi- India
   Innovative Railway Track Surveying with Sensors and Controlled by Wireless Communication
         Authors : Athira Ajith, Aswathy K S, Binoy Kumar H, Dantis Davis, Lakshmi S Pai, Janahanlal P Stephen- India
   Secure Attack Measure Selection and Intrusion Detection in Virtual Cloud Networks
         Authors : Kruthika SG, Venkata Ravana Nayak, Sunanda Allur- India
   Modeling and Automatic Detection of Virus in Mobile Environment
         Authors : Lakshmi.D, Thamizharasi.H, Prakash.R Divyalakshmi.C- India
   Efficient Social Video Sharing in Mobile Traffic on www by using Clouds
         Authors : Srinivas P.M, Venkata Ravana Nayak- India
   Automatic Mobile Phone Usage Prevention While Driving Using Gsm Technology
         Authors : Anjali Sarath, Ancymon S, Anil Vargheese T, Anand NV- India
   Advanced Descriptive One-Shot Video Puzzle Composition
         Authors : Kavitha .M, B.Balamurugan- India
   Fine-Grained Access Control in Cloud Computing for Personal Health Care Domain
         Authors : Ms.Deepika.S, Ms.Keerthi Sravanthi.G, Mr.S.Gopalakrishnan- India
   Simulation and Implementation of Three-Input Dc–Dc Boost Converter for Hybrid Pv/Fc/Battery Power System
         Authors : Senjam Dayananda, Mrs.N.Naharenjini - India
   Three Dimensional Location Tracking in Container Shipment Area Using WSN
         Authors : C.Vinothkumar, C.Senthilkumar, A.Alagu Thanga Durai - India
   Secure Data Access and Empowerment of Life in Online Social Networks Using Mpac Mechanisms
         Authors : Mrs. Vijayachithra, Mr.P.Balamurugan - India
   An Innovative Approach to Speedy Emergency Alert Using Tweet Analysis
         Authors : H. Thamizharasi, S. Rajarajacholan - India
   Incognizance of Social Networks by Sequential Clustering
         Authors : B. Gothai, V.Janaki Raman - India
   Implementation of HASH Algorithm in cloud watermarking tecniques
         Authors : N.Vijayalashmy - India
   Document Summarization  Retrieval System  Based  on Web User Needs
         Authors : Mr.J.Santhosh kumar, K.Poojitha, M.Revathi - India
   Privacy-Preserving and Information Security Forensics Brokering
         Authors : Sandhya.N, Venkata Ravana Nayak, Sunanda Allur - India
   Android Based Device Control System With Time Factor Analysis for Load Management
         Authors : R.K.Kalaivanan, Mr. M.G.Lavakumar - India
   Transmission of Data Between Sensors by Devolved Recognition
         Authors : Ms. K. P. Geethanjali, Ms. R. Vasanthi - India
   Robust Facial Expression Recognition
         Authors : Mr. Mukund Kumar, Ms. D. Udaya - India
   Android Application for Student Activity Register
         Authors : P.Jessenth Ebenezer, E.Ramesh, S.Shrikanth, M.R.Muralidharan - India
   Optimization of Join Queries on Distributed Relations Using Semi-Joins
         Authors : Suresh Sapa, K. P. Supreethi - India
   Effective Use of Iris Code in Real Time Surveillance System
         Authors : Pavithran.R, Srikar Singh.S, Vigneshwaran.B, Mrs. A.Merry Ida - India
   Cluster Based Speed and Effective Feature Extraction For Efficient Search Engine
         Authors : Manjuparkavi A , Arokiamuthu M - India
   A Reliable Routing Technique for Wireless Sensor Networks
         Authors : Helen Samuel, Sharnee Kaul, Jose Anand - India
   Online Intrusion Detection System Modeling
         Authors : Md Nurul Hasan - India
   Decentralized Privacy Preserving for Securing Data in Clouds
         Authors : Mrs.RamyaRamPrasad, C.Premalatha,P.Vidhya Lakshmi - India
   Reducing Delay and Improving the Performance of 2 Hop-Relay in Manet
         Authors : Mr.A.Vinodhkumar, R.Prathivraj, M.Vijayakumar- India
   Secure and Privacy-Preserving Information in Distributed Information Sharing
         Authors : Yamunadevi. M.A, Nithya.K - India
   Secure Authentication Through Mixed Fingerprints
         Authors : Sumathi.V, Thulasi.N,Thirunadanasikamani.k - India
   RACE For Multihop Wireless Networks
         Authors : Suganya.S, Janani.S - India
   Gesture in air for home automation
         Authors : Smitha J A, Agnal Terry Marshal T, Jagadesh B S, Prakash N, Prasanth S - India
   CNTFET-Based 4-Bit Carry Select Adder Using Modified Ternary Logic
         Authors : L.G.Jeganath babu, K.Raj Kumar, C.S.Karthick, R.Parthasarathi - India
   A Novel Approach to Preserve Privacy of Multiple Stakeholders Involved in the Information Brokering Process
         Authors : J.Christy Esther Julia, Simi Margarat.G - India
   Two Way Checkpoint Browser Extension to Combat Phishing
         Authors : Amisha K, Reetika M, Sahil Jain - India
   Sharing Private Data for Building Data Analysis Model
         Authors : P Sathya, E Shanmugapriya, R Ranjani- India
   Anonymization methodology for sensitive labels protection in Social Network
         Authors : Ms.B.Rashmi, Mrs.J.Suganya- India
   Conservation of Enery for Vbs Using Centralized and Mis Based Algorithm in Wsn
         Authors : M.Sabarika, Mrs.Jacinth Annie Pearlin- India
   Combining Discovery And Maintenance Processor In Active Learning Query Processor Model
         Authors : S.Kavitha, Mr.P.Senthil Kumar- India
   User Query Analyses Using Improvised Markov Chain Model
         Authors : S.Mariammal, Mr.K.Dhakshana Moorthy- India
   URL Mining Using Web Crawler In Online Based Content Retrival
         Authors : M.VijayaLakshmi, Mr.P.Senthil Kumar- India
   Microcontroller Based Irrigation Used Sensor [A Smart way for Irrigation]
         Authors : R Neethu Kumari, Rakshith Gowda H G, Shylesh U2- India
   Efficient Decentralized Job Tracking and scheduling using EBLA Algorithm
         Authors : A Priyadarshini , Vaishnavi, V.Anbarasu- India
   Cloud Partitioning for the Public Cloud Using Load Balancing Model
         Authors : S.Velmurugan, P.Kumaran- India
   Stubless Invocation of Dynamically Composed Web Services
         Authors : Mrs.RamyaRamPrasad, Rashmi Thapa,Rashmita Barua - India
   Under water surveillance hydrobot
         Authors : Ajay Mohanan, Kimberly Varghese K, Kishan M S, Rahna, Janahanlal Stephen - India
   Monitoring the Security Issues in Service Delivery Models of Mobile Cloud Infrastructure
         Authors : MaheshwariBhavani.D, Apirajitha.P.S - India
   Prevention of Vulnerable Virtual Machines against DDOS attacks in the Cloud
         Authors : C.Kavitha - India
   User Preferences Based Automatic Web Service Composition
         Authors : Ramya Ramprasad, K.Purshothaman, S.K.Ram Prasath - India
   A Framework for multimedia medical data integration of adaptive mobile object in heterogeneous system
         Authors : Roselin.T, Priya S.V- India
   Reliable and Secure Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Network Using Randomized Spread Routing
         Authors : Sathiya.M.J- India
   Remote Controlled Prototype Model for Live Video Surveillance and Leakage Detection
         Authors : Aleen George, Akshara Jose, Ajmal John, Ajith Antony - India
   Secured Consistent Transactions (Full article has been removed)
         Authors : Hari Prasath L, Saravanan K, Rakesh A- India
   Filtering False Data Injection Using Becan Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks
         Authors : V.Chitra, L.Hameetha Begum, M.Ramya, R.Udhaya- India
   Tire Pressure Monitoring and Automatic Air Filling System
         Authors : Ajas.M.A, , Aiswarya.T.G, Adersh Vinayak, Surya Balakrishnan, Janahanlal P. S.- India
   Enhancement of Network Lifetime in WSN Using Symmetric AES
         Authors : S.Veevi Fathima, Mrs.D.Jacinth Annie Pearlin M.Tech- India
   An Emergency Ambulance Rescue System by the Shortest Route Using Prioritised Traffic Signalling
         Authors : Mrs. K. Saritha, Mrs. I. Dhanabharathi- India
   An Efficient Data Retrieval Using MashQL in the Data Web
         Authors : K.Saranya, T. Amruthavalli- India
   An Implementation of Wind Solar Hybrid Power System
         Authors : K.Kaliswari, T.Nithya, J.Vista, Ms.B.Hema- India
   Enhanced Load Balancing Technique in Public Cloud
         Authors : Sakthivelmurugan V, Saraswathi A, Shahana R- India
   Motion Based Background Subtraction and Extraction Using Decolor and K-Means Clustering for Providing Security
         Authors : Eswari V, Amruthavalli T- India
   Secure Localization and Key Distribution in Wireless Sensor Network
         Authors : K.Karthikakeshav D.Arthi Dr.K.Murugan- India
   Secured Expedite Message Authentication Protocol for Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks
         Authors : Mrs.M.Rajalakshmi, Kasthuri.R, Varalakshmi.J, Nivesha.J- India
   Sorting of Different Stages of Diabetic Retinopathy Using Back Propagation Algorithm
         Authors : C.Senthilkumar , R.Aandal , R.Rajathi , C.Vinothkumar - India
   XML Automation Tool: A Prime Method for Streaming XML in Wireless Mobile Networks
         Authors : J.Briskilal, Dr.Divya Satish - India
   The Design Portal of a Wireless Linked Naval Substation for International Boundary Scanning and Surveillance System
         Authors : R.Shyamala, J.Singaravelan- India
   Smart Home Design Using ZigBee IEEE 802.15.4
         Authors : S.Muruga Lakshmi , C.Vinothkumar , K.Sundarraj - India
   Mutually Trustable andSecured Billing System for the Cloud Environment
         Authors : R.Solayappan, K.Yogesh Krishna, M.Siddhanth, D.Murugeshwari - India
   Target Detection in Video with SMS Alert, Compression Technique and Auto Swapping
         Authors : Eswaramoorthy.S, Thulasi.N, Dr. Thirunadanasikamani.K - India
   Group Key Distribution Using Self Healing Property for Peer to Peer System
         Authors : T. Packia Lakshmi, D. Shilpaa, M. Vidhya - India
   Spotting And Pinpointing Various Spoofing Adversaries In Wireless Network
         Authors : Ramya Devi P, Ruby Sherly G, Hari Prasath L - India
   An Approach for Detection of Indian Number Plate Segmentation
         Authors : R.Rahuman Raja, R.Kishore, N.Venkatesan - India
   Improvising an intrusion detection precision of ANN based Hybrid NIDS By incorporating various data normalization techniques- A performance appraisal
         Authors : A.M. Chandrashekhar, K. Raghuveer - India
   Wireless Hospital Warning And Control System For Management Using Lab View
         Authors : Pradeepa.D, Prajitha.C - India
   Stress Analysis Of Connecting Rod Using Finite Element Method
         Authors : Digvijay, Mohd.Ahmad, Ajay Mishra, Karunakar Mishra, Alok Panday, Shyam Bihary Lal - India
   Optimization With Congestion Aware Routing In Mesh Topology
         Authors : Saranya Mani, Ranjana Ponraj - India
   Pelton Wheel Driven Micro-Hydro Plant
         Authors : Mohammad Zaid, Prashant Kumar Mishra, Rahul Srivastava, Satish Kumar Dwivedi - India
   Analyzing the Performance of Automatically Captioned Images using Probabilistic Approach
         Authors : Pondsingh Jackie Shrine G, Sravan Yadav Eadala - India
   Pulse Switching: Hop-Distance Recovery In Wireless Routing Network
         Authors : G Josephine sheela, Dr.T.Nalini - India
   A Novel Region-Based Method For Intensity Inhomogeneities Image Segmentation And Denoising
         Authors : R.Subalakshmi, Dr.C.Nalini - India
   Comparative Study On Damping Of SSR Using SSSC With & Without Incorporation Of Subsynchronous Current Suppressor
         Authors : Kumaresan E, Nelsonbabu P, Vidya B - India
   Harmonic Reduction of a Single Stage Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System Using PSCAD/EMTDC
         Authors : Seshankar.N.B, Nelson Babu.P, Ganesan.U - India
   Finite Element Analysis Of Disc Brake By ANSYS Workbench
         Authors : Abhishek Kumar Tiwari, Akhilesh Kumar Tiwari ,Pramod Yadav, Harigovind Singh Yadav, Shyam Bihari Lal - India
   Data for Degree of Rancidity of Edible Oil with Respect to Different Induction Time and Induction Temperatures
         Authors : Ravi Shankar, John D Raj- India
   Review On CFRP/ GFRP Composites Used For Strengthening Of Reinforced Concrete Beams
         Authors : Mr.M.Vinodkumar, Dr.M.Muthukannan- India
   Implementation Of Reed Solomon Encoder
         Authors : M.Revathi, Dr.D.Rukmani Devi- India
   Microcontroller Based Building Automation System using RTD Sensor
         Authors : M.Vishnu Chittan, Dr.Mani Kumar.C, G.Prem Chand- India
   Energy Efficient Unarmed Ariel Vehicle For Outdoor Environment
         Authors : Ekta Singh, P.Ranjana- India
   Design and Study of Optical CDMA system
         Authors : Saikat Saha, Sugumaran.S- India
   Vehicle Speed Computation in Night Scenes using Headlight Tracking and Pairing
         Authors : Sathish Kumar R.K., Priya N- India
   Comparative Study and Analysis of Mathematical Models for Degree of Thermal Oxidation of Edible Oil as a Polynomial Function of Induction Temperature and Induction Time Developed by Statistical Software and Others Functions by Manual Transformations
         Authors : Ravi Shankar, John D Raj, Uma Shankar- India
   Comparative Study of Classical Graph Theory Approach and Nodal Analysis Based Graph Theory Approach of Shot Boundary Detection
         Authors : Nikita Sao, Ravi Mishra- India
   Effect of Sulphuric Acid on High Performance Mortar
         Authors : Prof. Y.M.Siddaramaiah, Mr.C.Jaideep, Mr.M.Vinodkumar- India
   Fault Detection Technique For S-Box In AES Algorithm
         Authors : M.P.Gomathi, M.Tamilselvi, N.Jayapal- India
   Dual Axis Solar Tracking System with Low Power Consumption and Increased Efficiency
         Authors : Riddhi Bhavsar, Shreya Gandhi, Nidhi Padiya, Megha Brahmbhatt , Dr. J. M. Rathod, Dr. T. D. Pawar, Dr. V. N. Kamat- India
   Cloud Partitioning Based Secured Load balancing Approach for Public Cloud Infrastructure
         Authors : Amritpal Singh,Nisha Phogat- India
   Enhancing Oil Recovery from Oilseeds and Microorganisms as Alternative Source of Oil
         Authors : Ravi Shankar- India
   Role of Process Parameters in Synthesis of Automated Shot Peening Mechanism
         Authors : Sanket Pandya- India
   Smart Energy Meter With Tamper Detection And Communication Feature
         Authors : Pooja Wakodikar, Romesh Bedi, Bhavini Nandevalia, Prasenjit Deb, Dr. J.M. Rathod, Dr. T. D. Pawar, Dr. V. N. Kamat- India
   Smart Solar Lantern with improvement in Efficiency
         Authors : Rohan Bhuskute, Ameya Erande , J. M. Rathod, T. D. Pawar, V. N. Kamat- India
   An Efficient Location Based Anonymous Routing Protocol For ADHOC Networks
         Authors : J.Kirubhakaran,Dr.G.K.D.PrasannaVenkatesan, R.Muthusuganya- India
   Modelling And Simulation Of STATCOM For Compensation Of Reactive Power By Using PI With Fuzzy Logic Controller
         Authors : U.NARESHBABU, DR.R.KIRANMAYI- India
   Optimized Extraction Condition and Characterization of Pectin from Orange Peel
         Authors : W.Elizabeth Devi, R.N. Shukla, Anitha Abraham, Surender Jarpula, U.Kaushik- India
   Co-operative opportunistic routing in VANETS using PSR (Proactive Source Routing Protocol)
         Authors : Mamatha B L, Ch. Sudershan Raju, T.Kantharaju - India
   Energy Saving Using LED Automatic Street Light Control System
         Authors : Mitsu Shah, Charmi Shah, Hardik Shah, Riddhi Shah, J. M. Rathod T. D. Pawar, V. N. Kamat - India
   A Hybrid Communication Infrastructure Power System Using Effective Sensor Network
         Authors : S.Saranya, A.Vijay, Dr.G.K.D.Prasana Venkatesan- India
   Design Of AFS System In Automobiles On FPGA
         Authors : Lino M Samuel, Dr. Raja R, Mrs Meena KV, Mrs Savita Y Patil- India
   Implementation Of Convolutional Encoder And High Performance Viterbi Decoder Using Eda Tools
         Authors : A.Srujani, MD.SuhaliAfroz- India
   Low Power And High Performance 32bit Unsigned Multiplier Using Adders
         Authors : SriRamya P, SuhaliAfroz MD- India
   Design Of Low Power Approximate Mirror Adder
         Authors : Sasikala.M, Dr.G.K.D.Prasanna Venkatesan- India
   Dynamic Analysis of a leaf spring
         Authors : Ritesh Mistry- India
   Automation In New Health-Benefit Beverage Industry
         Authors : Anil Kumar Udugu, Dr. Anand Khare- India
   Design & implementation of Address Generation Circuit of IEEE 802.16e Deinterleaver using FPGA
         Authors : Pradeep N, Smt. H Umadevi- India
   Disseminating For Concurrent Wireless Data And Power Transfer Using MIMO
         Authors : Banupriya. R, R.R.Jegan, Dr.G.K.D.Prasanna Venkatesan - India

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