Volume 2, Issue 1, February-March,2014

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   Study Of Induction Generator Isolated Mode
         Authors : Makhlouf Laakam, Mehdi Dhaoui, Lassaad Sbita- Tunisia
   Minutiae Points Extraction using Biometric Fingerprint- Enhancement
         Authors : Vishal Wagh, Shefali Sonavane- India
   Heat Transfer Augmentation of Air Cooled 4 stroke SI Engine through Fins- A Review Paper
         Authors : Prof. Arvind S. Sorathiya, Manankumar B. Joshi, Prof. (Dr.) Pravin P. Rathod- India
   Closed Loop Control Of Two Switch Serial Input Interleaved Forward Converter
         Authors : R.Lakshmi, Dr K.Rajan- India
   Cloud Based PHR System for Privacy Preserving Using Attribute Based Encryption
         Authors : Mahesh Birajdar, Rohit Patil, Vaibhav Giram, Mahesh Nirmal- India
   A Survey on Streaming Data Warehouses
         Authors : Bolla Saikiran, Kolla Morarjee - India
         Authors : Deepti Verma, Varuna Gupta - India
   Design and Simulation of Closed Loop Electro Mechanical Actuation System
         Authors : I Srinivas, N.Chandra Shekar Reddy - India
   Optimization Of Heavy Vehicle Suspension System Using Composites
         Authors : A.Seshagiri Rao, D.Devsing - India
   Design of Event Log Analyser Algorithm Using Hadoop Framework
         Authors : Banupriya P, Mohandas Ragupathi - India
   Strong Password Hash Secure Scheme Using Image Fusion
         Authors : Ms.Snehal A. Mahajan, Ms.Anjali S. Mahajan, Ms.Richa Sharma - India
   Six Sigma Technique for Quality Improvement In Valve Industry
         Authors : Anup A.Junankar, Pravin M.Gupta, Aamir R.Sayed, Nikhil V. Bhende - India
   Design and Analysis Of Mechanical Evaluation System For Vibration Absorbers
         Authors : G.NagaBabu, D.Devsingh - India
   Multi-Level Security and Detection against Clone Attack in Military Scenario
         Authors : A.Madhumitha, Dr.B.Amutha - India
   Database & Database Management System
         Authors : Himanshi Jhamb - India
   Multiextract Machine
         Authors : Arunkumar.E, Kayelaimani.S, Rajashekar.G, Vinoth.T - India
   Study on Query Based Clustering Technique for Content Based Image Retrieval
         Authors : Vinita Kushwah, Arun Agrawal - India
   Automation Of Water Distribution Plant
         Authors : Ramleela Khare, Dr Filipe Rodrigues E Melo - India
   Advanced Development Of Semi-Automatic Traction Control System Using Differential Unit
         Authors : S.Jesu Benner, M.Mugesh, R.Sunil - India
   Review Paper on Experimental Investigation on Combined Effect of Thermal Barrier Coating and Blending on Stationary Four Stroke C.I Engine Performance and Emission Characteristics
         Authors : Dhiren Patel, Prof. Ashish J Modi - India
   Confidential and Efficient Query Services in the Cloud
         Authors : E.Saral Elizabeth, Ms.K. Padmaveni - India
   Discrimination In Combined Mining For Informative Knowledge And Automated Data
         Authors : V.Kaleeswari, N.Abirami - India
   Detecting Optic Disc In Digital Fundus Images Using Stochastic Watershed Transformation
         Authors : J.Jenita Jeba Esther, S.G.Gino Sophia - India
   Defeating SQL Injection through Efficient Scanner Tool
         Authors : Princella Amirtha D, Dr.E.R.Naganathan - India
   Modeling, Analysis and Optimization of Diesel Engine Piston
         Authors : K Venkateswara Rao, Baswaraj Hasu- India
   Low Power High Speed SAR ADCs Using Power Efficient Switchback Switching Method
         Authors : Chinju Skariah , Anna George , Nithya K - India
   Dynamic Resource Allocation Using Virtual Machines for Cloud Computing Environment
         Authors : L. Dhivya, Ms.K. Padmaveni - India
   Tri Patternization On Generic Visualized Time Series Data
         Authors : Beenu Ann Oommen, R.Aroul Canessane - India
   Sense And Transfer Packet For Multihop Wireless Network Using Chord Algorithm
         Authors : Befeena Francis, R.Aroul Canessane - India
   Design, Fabrication & Testing Of A Waterwheel For Power Generation In An Open Channel Flow
         Authors : Praful Yelguntwar, Pranay Bhange,Yogesh,Lilhare,Ankit Bahadure - India
   A Low Power Self-Healing VCO Using Frequency Divider for PLL
         Authors : Anna George, Chinju Skariah, Sofia S - India
   Digitalised Secure Information Channel Maintenance in Distributed Brokering System
         Authors : Roshni Kuruvilla, Ms.E.Thenmozhi - India
   Online Web Mining process with Ranking System using SVM Classifier Model
         Authors : P.S.C.J. Sesha Maruthi, Mr. J. Albert Mayan - India
   Fixed Grid DDM Based Watermarking Datasets for Process
         Authors : Tintu Mary Xavier, Mercy Paul - India
   Machine Translated Evaluation Techniques In Validating The Web Based Testing Framework
         Authors : Lithu Mathew, Ms.S.Vigneshwari - India
   Comparative Study of Localization Algorithms Performance in Wireless Sensor Networks
         Authors : Khalid Zine-Dine, Abdelali Hadir, Abdellah Madani, Jamal El Kafi - Morocco
   Robust Based Video Inpainting
         Authors : Sharayu Lande, Nikita Lagad, Madhuri Nikrad - India
   Extended Distributed Rk- Secure Sum Protocol in Apriori Algorithm for privacy preserving
         Authors : Meera Treesa Mathews, Manju E.V - India
   Development And Analysis Of Connecting Rod From The 3d Scanned Data By Reverse Engineering Technique Using Catia
         Authors : P.Shravan Kumar, B .Sridhar Babu - India
   DDOS Shield & Captcha Generation: Efficient Defending Mechanisms Of Dos Attack
         Authors : Sunil.P, John Deva Prasanna - India
   Implementation of POR Protocol for The Efficient Data Delivery in Dynamic Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
         Authors : Mahendra Vemuri, Kavitha.P - India

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