Volume 1, Issue 6, December-January,2014

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   SP Based Modeling of Mode Choice for School Trip in Khulna City: Preferences of Developing Countries
         Authors : Azharul Islam, Md. Rokib Hasan- Bangladesh
  PFC Applications based on new Ac-Dc Bridgeless Cuk Rectifiers
         Authors : D.Sarith(Mtech), B.M.Manjunatha- India
   A New Form Of Augmentative And Alternative Device For People With Severe Speech Impairment
         Authors : Preethi.S, Arun prasath.J- India
   Real-Time Networked Control System With Multiple-Client-Server Architecture Based On Switched Ethernet
         Authors : Mrs.Subbulekshmi, J.W.Aarthi- India
   Enhancement Of Esophageal Speech By Statistical Voice Conversion
         Authors : Ada Christa, Arthi.A- India
   Design of Improved Algorithm for Mobile Payments Using Biometrics
         Authors : Jyotsana Goyal, Dinesh Goyal - India
   UID based Mobile Money Implementation in Rural Areas of India
         Authors : Dolly Varshney, Dinesh Goyal - India
   A Routing Strategy Of Hybrid Routing Protocol For Vanets
         Authors : T. Venu, Y.V.Bhaskara Reddy - India
   Efficient And Robust Pseudonymous Authentication Using NFC
         Authors : C.L. Vijaikumar, T.S.Sofia, T.S.Valarmathi - India
   Assistive System For Product Label Detection With Voice Output For Blind Users
         Authors : T.Rubesh Kumar, C.Purnima - India
   QKD Technology For High Performance Computing And Wireless Network
         Authors : Jonisha S, Sureka V - India
   Non Path Based Mutual Anonymity Protocol For Decentralized P2P Systems
         Authors : Jonisha S, Sureka V - India
   Multimodality Medical Image Fusion Using NSCT
         Authors : V.Savitha , T. Kadhambari, R.Sheeba - India
   Efficient Speaker Verification System with Spoofing Attack
         Authors : Mrs.Malathi Sharavanan, Mrs.M.Priya, C.P.Sangeetha - India
   Removal of noise from colour images using MDBUTMF
         Authors : Mrs.Moganavalli, D.Shebena - India
   Statistical Modeling of Sintered Density of Microwave Dielectric BiNbO4 Ceramics
         Authors : Swati Salunkhe, Rahul Dongre - India
   Online Monitoring of Green House Gas Leakage in Industries
         Authors : Suganya.R, Suseendhar.P - India
   Video Watermarking using Wavelets
         Authors : Senthil Veerasamy, Bhaskaran Raman - India
   Capturing the combined effect of testing time and testing coverage using two dimensional software reliability growth models
         Authors : B.Anniprincy, Dr. S. Sridhar - India
   PEVOL: A Method for Annotating and Analyzing the Software Design
         Authors : R. Aroul canessane, Dr. S. Srinivasan - India
   An Impression of Software Defined Networks and OpenFlow for Beginners
         Authors : P.Sankardayal - India
   Free Space Optical Communication System against Channel Fading
         Authors : Prema.S , A.Elangovan - India
   Latest Trend for Interference Cancellation and Rate Maximization of the Cognitive Networks
         Authors : P.Yuvaraj, A.Elangovan - India
   Psychoacoustic Model-1 using Wavelet Tree Decomposition
         Authors : Jagadeesh B Kanade, Dr.B.Sivakumar - India
   Experimental Data Based Model for Time to Exhaust Flywheel Energy in a Human Powered Flywheel Motor Driven System having a Novel Gearbox
         Authors : V. D. Ghuge, J. P. Modak - India
   Performance Analysis of Free-Space Optical Communication Transceiver
         Authors : Omkar Naidu V, K.M Hemambaram, Neerajakshi.V, Kantaraju - India
         Authors : K.Leeladhar - India
   Dual Digest Symmetric Key Security Scheme for AODV in MANET
         Authors : Gandhi Krunal A - India
   Simulation Modelling on Solar Resonant Converter Fed PMDC Drive
         Authors : Dr.T.Govindaraj, Dhakeel V P - India
   Fuzzy Logic based Position Control System for Tracking Application
         Authors : L.Uma Mageshwari, P.S.Loganathan - India
   Simulation Modeling on High Performance FLC based Induction Drive
         Authors : Dr.T.Govindaraj, Jithin P - India
   Unit Commitment based on Frequency Regulating Reserve Constraint using Dynamic Programming
         Authors : Dr.T.Govindaraj, T.Archana - India
   Simulation Modeling On Micro Solar Inverter & Pi Controller Based Induction Drive
         Authors : Dr.T.Govindaraj, Sreema.R.S - India
   A Bridgeless Cuk Converter Fed PMDC Drive for PFC Applications and Reduction in THD Values Using Sinusoidal PWM Technique
         Authors : Dr.T.Govindaraj, T.Sathesh Kumar - India
   The Cloud and SOA - Creating the Architecture for Today and Future
         Authors : Rajmohan B, Balashankar M - India
   Resonant DC/DC Converter to Reduce Voltage Stress and Ripples
         Authors : Dr.T.Govindaraj, Vaisakh.T - India
   Design And Analysis Of Power Optimization In Digital C-Mos Circuit Using Dynamic Voltage And Threshold Scaling
         Authors : K.Vigneshkumar, M.Erajeswarii, L.Padmanaban - India
   Automation of Cement Industries
         Authors : Anil Kumar Udugu, Dr. Anand Khare - India
   Composition Of Sequential Cognitive Learning And Fuzzy Means Using Classification Techniques
         Authors : K.Karthikeyan, Dr.S.Rajkumar - India
   A Survey on Various Wireless Sensor Network and Embedded Techniques for Security in Railways
         Authors : Vigneshwari Rajagopal - India

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