Volume 10, Issue 3, June - July,2022

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   Score Level Fusion of two CNN using Co-Occurrence CBoW and Skip Gram Word Embedding models for Sentiment Analysis
          Authors : Dr. M. Rajesh Vardan - India
   Crime Spot Awareness Alert System
          Authors : M. Bhanu Prasad - India
   Segmentation of Intima-Media Thickness in Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS) Images for Detection of Atherosclerosis
          Authors : Dr. Soundar Rajan - India
   Block Chain Technology: A Legal Primer
          Authors : Dr.R. Nair, Dr.Rama Sundaram K - India
   An Autoencoder Neural Network (ANN)Approach for H-R images from LR images
          Authors : K.V.K. Rao - India
   Tongue image analysis for Detection of Diabetes mellitus
          Authors : Dr. Kalyan Ram. K - India
   An Overview on Financial Frauds in Indian Banking Sector
          Authors : Mr. K. Madapana - India
   High-speed CMOS DD amplifiers at low static current consumption
          Authors : P. Madhusudhan Rao - India
   MANET Routing Protocols
          Authors : V Shankar - India
   Securing the Biometric Data in Cloud Computing
          Authors : G. Selva Kumar - India

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