Volume 10, Issue 2, April - May,2022

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   An Effective Data Security Approach In a Cloud Computing Environment: A Comprehensive Study
          Authors : Satendra Verma, Alex loraay - British Columbia
   The Application Of Artificial Intelligence To Human Resource Management Is The Subject Of a Review Study
          Authors : Abhijit Deshpande - India
   The Pneumatic Operated Sheet Metal Shearing Machine
          Authors : Uday Kumar P - India
   A Report On The Chosen Concepts Of Synthetic Intelligence And Gadget Mastery
          Authors : Dr. G. Viswanathan - India
   Sniffing And Detection Of Packets
          Authors : Dr. N Haraprasad - India
   Analysis Of Transients Of Hydroelectric Power Plants With Transverse Turbines
          Authors : Paramesh - India
   A Study Of The Challenges Of Cyber Security And Their Emerging Trends In The Latest Technologies
          Authors : Satnam Singh - India
   Filtering Wireless (Wi-Fi) Internet Access In Public Places
          Authors : Mr. Saurabh Dixit - India
   The Internal Flow Properties Of a Vertical Submersible Axial Flow Pump Device Were Studied, And The Structure Was Optimize
          Authors : Dr. Ravi Naik - India
   Java, there is a Packet Sniffer (PSniffer) application for network security
          Authors : Dr. Suman Singh - India

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