Volume 10, Issue 1, February - March,2022

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   Analysis of hybrid controllers in control models of technical objects operating in changing conditions
          Authors : Yasir Ali Matnee, Bahaa Abdul qader Thabit - IRAQ
   Triple Authentication Mechanism For A Reliable Voting Set
          Authors : P Uday Kumar - India
   Machine Learning Technique Used To Online Food Ordering And Recommendation
          Authors : M. Jaya Vardhan - India
   Public Bullying On Social Networking Sites: Detection And Analysis
          Authors : M. Kriyadesh - India
   Micro-Scale Digital Dairy: A Research
          Authors : Piyush Kumar Takur - India
   For A Proposal-Based Open Collaborative System, A Bug Tracking System With A Bug Market Is Required.
          Authors : K Sunitha - India
   Cybersecurity Data Science: Machine Learning Algorithms
          Authors : K. Uma Rani - India
   Look At On Historical Marathi Script Improvement The Use Of Virtual Image Processing Techniques
          Authors : B. Venkatesh - India
   Hybrid Advice Gadget Using Context Aware-Neural Collaborative Filtering
          Authors : Raja Mani.V - India
   Ludo Game Improvement Using Android And Live Verbal Exchange Using Cloud
          Authors : Ranveer Singh - India

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