Volume 9, Issue 6, December - January,2022

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   Optimizing VPN Speed for Remote Operation Using ARM Routers
          Authors : Yasir Ali Matnee, Bahaa Abdul qader Thabit - IRAQ
   Analysis Of Women Safety In Indian Cities Using Machine Learning On Tweets
          Authors : S.Anitha - India
   A Guide Tour On Security Techniques For Multimedia Data
          Authors : Dr.S.Ponni Alias Sathya - India
   Deep Reinforcement Learning For Performance Evaluation Of Cloud Workflow Scheduling
          Authors : K. Basavaraj - India
   A Systematic Review Of Various Applications In Internet Of Things
          Authors : Dr.M.Thillainayaki - India
   QOS Applications In Internet Of Things
          Authors : Dr. M. Raja Lingam - India
   A Novel Adaptive Method To Extract Text Information From Images For Information Retrieval
          Authors : Mr. Veera Raju.M.T - India
   Comparison Of Fixed Base And Flexible Base Continuum Model In Sap 2000 V.19.2.1
          Authors : Nagaraju. S - India
   Durability Of Low-Medium Strength Ggbs Concrete And Assessment Superfluous Polypropylene Fiber
          Authors : Anamika Agnihotri- India
   Parametric Study On Prestressed Concrete Beam Subjected To Elevated Temperature
          Authors : Shanmukha Teja. Bandari- India

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