Volume 9, Issue 5, October - November,2021

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   Influence of Taper Angle and Bell Angle on Lateral Resistance of Belled-wedge Piles in Sands
          Authors : M. K. Kevin - LONDON
   Comparative Study Between Hybrid Annuity Mode (Ham) & Epc Based On Contract Agreements
          Authors : Reshma Datta - India
   Study and Behaviour of Wind - Structural Interaction at Terrain Category Ii using Ansys
          Authors : V.S.K. Reddy - India
   Flexural Behaviour of R.C Beam using Graphene Oxide Reinforced Cement Composites
          Authors : S.Veeranandam Palani- India
   A brief review on the comparative study of essential oil compounds extracted from lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) using Microwave assisted Distillation and Solvent Free Microwave Extraction
          Authors : Sudeep Mishra- India
   Tree model based-predictive modelling of road accidents on different road stretches of Haryana
          Authors : Dr. Baswaraj Patel- India
   Highlighted Depth-of-Field Photography
          Authors : Yash Kulshrestha- India
   Designing of Deterministic Finite Automata for a Given Regular Language with Substring
          Authors : Rashandeep Singh- India
   A Serious Study on Software Testing
          Authors : Sabavath Raju- India
   3D Localization of Sound Source Using Microphone Array
          Authors : Hanumanta Rao. P- India

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