Volume 9, Issue 4, August - September,2021

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   Speech Assistive Device For Visually Impaired People
          Authors : K. Samaya - USA
          Authors : H BAGUM FATHIMA - UAE
   Parametric study on prestressed concrete beam subjected to elevated temperature
          Authors : Ravi Teja. B - India
   Digitalisation Of Hr Processes: An Analysis Of Issues And Loose-Ends
          Authors : Ramya. Behra - India
   Stock Index Prediction using Deep Learning (LSTM - RNN ) with reference to NSE NIFTY50
          Authors : K. Ankush Agarwal - India
   Masked Face Recognition In Realtime Using CNN
          Authors : Dr.A. Panja Prasad Sinha - India
   Assistive Device For Visually Problematic Individuals
          Authors : B. Pawan Kalyan - India
   Reduction Of Effect Of Multiple Hardware Trojans In Crypto processor
          Authors : P. Ramesh - India
   CNN based Crowd Monitoring and Management System analysis and performance
          Authors : M. Ravinder Sherawat - India
   An Experimental Study On Ternary Blended Polypropylene Fiber Reinforced Concrete
          Authors : Rizwan Ali - India

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