Volume 9, Issue 2, April - May,2021

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   Repair Techiniques And Rehabilitation Of The Building
          Authors : James Smith - USA
   Management Of Highway Road Corridor
          Authors : Maria Garcia - USA
   Modification of Subsurface Profile Layers using GIS
          Authors : Dr. Farhan - India
   Using Friction stir welding Investigation of failure on welded plates of aluminum alloy
          Authors : A.Lohith, Ch. Nikhil, D. Paramjit - India
   Hive and Impala: Performance Based Comparison
          Authors : Mr. Gopi Krishna, Mr. A Raju - India
   An Efficient Image Denoising by Daubechies, Symlets, Coiflets and BiorSplines Wavelets
          Authors : Mr. Ramachandra - India
   Investigation on active power factor correction mechanism
          Authors : Mr. Raghavendar Reddy, K Uday Kumar - India
   Coma Patients Eye Blink Detection
          Authors : Mr. Kaylan Chakravarty - India
   Static and Free Vibration Behavior of Laminated Composite Panels
          Authors : Aishwarya, Deepika - India
   Prosthetic Limbs & Exoskeleton case Study in India for the Physically Disabled persons
          Authors : Sanjana - India
   Study On Geosynthetics And Admixtures Were Used To Strengthen Clayey Sbugrade
          Authors : Mr P. Mahesh - India
   A Case Study on Partial Replacement of GGBS with Fly-Ash Strengthens Geo-polymer Concrete
          Authors : Mr. Vamshi Kumar, C. Mahesh - India
   Window Air Conditioning System Experimental Investigation Of An Alternative Refrigerant For R22
          Authors : Mr. Ch Suresh, Mr. B. Narsingam, Mr. R. Kamalakar - India

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