Volume 9, Issue 1, February - March,2021

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   Analysis Of The Economic Backwardness Of India In The Recent Trends And Changes: A Socio-Political Perspective
          Authors : Chikkahanumaiah - India
          Authors : NEIL BANERJEE - India
   Automated Melanoma Recognition In Dermoscopy Images Using Glcm And Lbp Method
          Authors : N.Preethi, C.M.Vinodhini - India
   Ac To High Voltage Dc Voltage Multiplier
          Authors : T.Penchalaiah,K.Abinav, K.Ruchitha, K.Archana, K.Lasya, K.Tejaswini - India
   Automatic System For Street Light Monitoring With Micro Controller
          Authors : Voruganti Bharath Kumar,Vanta Karthik Reddy,Veeraboina Kalyan Kumar,Veeravalli Guru Venkat Sai,Velmala Koushik,Manala Sai Pradeep,Kandula Lokesh - India
   Construction Of 12v Battery Charger
          Authors : . Penchalaiah,Durga Prasad, Akshitha Simran, Tejith Reddy, Sunil Kumar, Anusha - India
   Fire Detection And Alarm
          Authors :Voruuganti Bharathkumar, N.Nandhavardhan, N.Swapna,N.Sandeep, P.Vinod, Varsha Reddy - India
   Smart City Pollution Monitoring System Using Industrial Iot
          Authors : C.Jagadeeswari,G.Nagamani,Donuri Ruchitha,Kethineni Apoorva,Moturi Venkata Lakshmi Praneetha - India
   Lungtumor Segmentation Using Computed Tomography (Ct) Images
          Authors : Varanasi Sri Lakshmi Pranavi, Leela Kumari.B - India
   An Exploration On The Implementation Of Deep Learning In Medical Image Processing
          Authors : Padma Priya J - India
   Valorization Of Jackfruit Seeds And Peels Using A Biorefinery Approach
          Authors :Ms. D. Pranita Rao, Dr. (Mrs.) D. Meena Rao - India
   Optical And Ftir Studies Of Silver-Poly (Methyl Methacrylate) Nanocomposites
          Authors : Alisha - India
   An Overview On Strategies Deployed For Data Concealing In Audio
          Authors : Chandini M. S.,Dr. Usha B. A. - India
   Image Classification Based On Deep Learning Using Python And Keras
          Authors : Jetty Manu Praneeth, P.P.M Prasad - India
   Automatic System for Street light Monitoring with Microcontroller
          Authors : Voruganti Bharath Kumar,Vanta Karthik Reddy, Veeraboina Kalyan Kumar, Veeravalli Guru Venkat Sai, Velmala Koushik, Manala Sai Pradeep, Kandula Lokesh - India

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