Volume 8, Issue 6, December - January,2021

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   Charge Transfer Reaction of Novel Crizotinib with N – Bromo succinimide: A Spectrophotometric and Spectroscopic study
          Authors : SHIRISH KUMAR KODADI - India
   Is there any effect of coronavirus, COVID-19 on relative humidity and temperature?
          Authors : Ranabir Chanda, Sanjib Bahadur, Dr. Subhasis Samanta, Pragya Baghel - India
   The wide spectrum biological activities of Piper dine -A short review
          Authors : Ramarajan Rajalakshmi - India
   Techniques for the propagation of Podophyllum hexandrum and enhanced production of podophyllotoxin from the plant for therapeutic purposes.
          Authors : Hemant Sood, Utkarsha Srivastava - India
   A Review on Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles and Their Applications
          Authors :Renu Bala, Ashutosh Dixit, Bhawna Pareek, Avnish Kumar Arora, Ashun Chaudhary, Vivek Sheel Jaswa- India
   Development and Evaluation of Nano Particles Based Loaded Topical Gel for the Treatment of Psoriasis and Other Skin Conditions
   Low cost water technique for the removal of Arsenic from groundwater
          Authors :V. Mukesh Kumar, Lt. S. Sharada - India
   Identification Of Novel Map4k4 Inhibitors Through Qsar, Docking, Molecular Dynamics Simulations And Free Energy Studies
          Authors : Dorka VijayaKumari Beri, Krupanidhi Srirama - India
   Water Quality Analysis: A Case Study of Chikkabanavara Lake and the surrounding Ground water
          Authors : Sneha M.K.,Amina H A, Said L N, Sigfrid V - India
   Air Quality Monitoring In Heavy Water Plant, Thoothukudi
          Authors : Dr. D. Shanmuga Priya, P. Muthumari1, V.Krishnaprabha and Dr. H. Kohila Subathra Christy - India
   Recent Research Trends in the Removal of Heavy Metallic Materials from Contaminated Site Soils: A Review
          Authors : Koteswara Reddy G; Varakala Nikhil Reddy - India
   Isolation And Characterization Of Achromobacter Xylos Gsr21 Strain From Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soil
          Authors : Golamari Siva Reddy, Varakala Nikhil Reddy, Neeha Sultana, Divyanshu Dhakate, N Konda Reddy - India

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