Volume 8, Issue 5, October - November,2020

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   VLSI Technology in Design of Future Hardware for Machine Learning: A Review
          Authors : Modalavalasa Hari Krishna, Dr. Makkena Madhavi Latha - India
   Score Level Fusion of two CNN using Co-Occurrence CBoW and Skip Gram Word Embedding models for Sentiment Analysis
          Authors : Swamy L N, Dr. J V Gorabal - India
   Development of Exchange Market Trade Application
          Authors : S.Dhanasekaran, Yalamuri Dinesh, Sana Venkateswara Rao - India
   A Machine Learning Approach for Drowsy Driver Recognition & Anti Sleep Alert
          Authors : P. Bhanu Teja, B. Yadaiah - India
   Natural Language Query System Frameworks: A Survey
          Authors : Preeti Tuli, J.P. Patra - India
   Machine Learning Algorithms In Health Care Systems
          Authors : M. Praveena Kirubabai , Dr. G Arumugam - India
   A Survey On Disease Identification of Plants And Crops Using Image Processing
          Authors : Daneshwari A Noola, Dr Dayanand R B - India
   Sustainable and Smart Agriculture with Big data and Artificial Intelligence: A review on different applications and challenges
          Authors : Manjeet Kaur, Deepak Kumar - India
   Diabetic Retinopathy detecting using Kernel PCA
          Authors : B Yugandhar, RNV Jagan Mohan - India
   Classifier for Music Using Facial Emotion Recognition (FER)
          Authors : Rahul Sailesh Wadhwa , V Binu Aldrin , Mrs Mayuri KP - India
   Cotton Leaf Spot disease Detection Using Multi-Class SVM
          Authors : Mukesh Soni, S.Gomathi - India
   High-level-velocity Complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor DD amplifiers
          Authors : P.Ravi Kumar Reddy - India
   Implementation Acquaintance with MANET Forwarding Procedures
          Authors : V Shankar, G Venu, K Vittal - India
   Capturing The Biometric Information in Cloud-Based Information Processing
          Authors : G. Sasi,D. Saravanan ,S. Santhiya - India
   Computerized Crowd Administration System Built on Face Identification System
          Authors : Lavanya. L, P. Kavitha - India
   COVID-19 Face Mask Detector with OpenCV
          Authors : Kalangi B Subramanyam, S N S K Kanth, D J Kumar - India
   Setting Out to Explore of XOR/XNOR Gates in conjunction with Adiabatic Expertise
          Authors : Swathi K, N Malathi , Chella J Mayi , Jyothisri V - India
   Internet on Things Based VBS
          Authors : V.Swathi, P.Kavitha, P.Rani - India
   Advancement on User Data Protocol Network Management Module 4.2.2 for Ethernet Etiquette using AUTOSAR
          Authors : Ms. S. G madhugiri, Ms. S J. Joshi, Prof. Dr. S.B.Somani - India
   Respiration in Forecasting Breathing Disorders
          Authors : R. S. Divya, E. Karuppathal, A. S. Priya - India
   Automation of Secure Boot in IIoT Edge devices
          Authors : Rushi Aravind B, Mrs. Padmausha - India
   Design Thinking for Innovation: Solutions for Social Distancing
          Authors : Chundru Ranga Rao, Balaji D. Tandle, T. Paramesh, M. Bhojendra Naik - India
   Geopolymer Brick
          Authors : T. Sai Krishna Teja, P. Anurag, K. Amulya, D. Sonu, K. Venkatesh - India
   Experimental Study On Replacement Of Fine Aggregate With Copper Slag And Stone Dust In Concrete
          Authors : K. Arundathi, S. Manikanta Reddy, S. Shireesha, MD. Tayeeb Akthar, C. Vijay Kumar Goud - India

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