Volume 8, Issue 3, June - July,2020

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   Bck / Bch Algebras With Mutually Disjoint Elements
          Authors : Rashmi Rani, Puja - Dubai
   An Efficient Method For Wireless Fire Recognition Monitoring Structure By Arduino Mega
          Authors : Sothuku Preethi, D. Gopinath, Aleti Soumya - India
   An Exploring Low Power And Fast Full Adder Using Xor/Xnor Gates With Adiabatic Technology
          Authors : Swathi Kambhampati, Namepalli Malathi, Chella Jyothirmayi, Jyothisri Vadlamudi - India
   Comparision Analysis Of Feature Extraction From The Ecg Graph Reports
          Authors : Mr.Raghukumar B S, Dr.Naveen B - India
   Weka Tool Used In Air Pollution Study
          Authors : Monika Lambsonge, Girish Talmale, Poonam Prasad - India
   Iot With Android Application Study For Industrial Air Pollution
          Authors : Sukeshini Lambsonge, Dr.Prasad Lokulwar, Poonam Prasad - India
   Comparative Analysis Of Tcm-Ostbc Mimo System In Different Fading Environment
          Authors :Dr. Paresh Dholakia, Dr. Dipesh Kamdar , Bhagyashri Dedun - India
   Design And Analysis Of Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning System
          Authors : Ajay Suri, Vikrant Chaudhary, Hardik Rajvanshi, Sadia Usmani, Sabhyata Gurung - India
   Analysis Of Pbft Protocols Along With The Faults In Blockchain
          Authors : Ms. T.G.R. AbiramieShree, Dr. B. Kavitha, Mr.M. Thangavel - India
   Content Based Social Image Retrieval Using Feature Extraction With Ann Algorithm
          Authors : Ms K. Devisree, Mrs. P. Dharanidevi - India

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