Volume 7, Issue 5, October - November,2019

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   Soil Stabilization By Using Human Hair Fibers (Pilus) And Cement
          Authors : Karthikeyan V, Abirami N, Janani G, Keerthana S, Kiruthika K S - India
   A Study Of Embedded Feature Selection Methods For Household Food Insecurity Classification On Hice Data
          Authors : Mersha Nigus, Dorsewamy - India
   Design And 3d Manufacturing Of Star Sensor Bracket For Satellites
          Authors : Mr. C.Anil Kumar Reddy, N.Ajith Reddy P.Nanda Gopal,N.Rakesh Kumar, U.Satya - India
   Statistical Applications Of Confounding Techniques In Factorial Designs For Basic Science And Engineering
          Authors : Dr. N. Ramya, Dr. Daruri Venugopal - India
   Emerging Welding Technique: Underwater Friction Stir Welding
          Authors : Shiva Shankar paka, Orugonda Ravali - India
   Shape Based Image Retrieval Using Structural And Global Descriptors
          Authors : Shatajbegum Nadaf, Dr. J C Karur, Dr. Jagadeesh Pujari - India
   Thermal Barrier Coatings For Aerospace Applications
          Authors : Madhusudhana R, S. Lovesome Benedict S, Sushma S, L. Krishnamurthy, R. Gopalakrishne URS, Sachin D - India
   Content Based Image Indexing And Retrieval In Multimodal Systems
          Authors : Mohd Anas Wajid, Aasim Zafar - India
   Similitude Investigation On Active Power Factor Correction Mechanism Employing Zeta Converter With Diode And Synchronous Mode Of Rectification
          Authors : K.Durgadevi, R.Karthik, N.Balaji, N.Sujith - India
   Digital Impact On Education And Learning
          Authors : Mr. Swapnil Justin - India

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