Volume 7, Issue 3, June - July,2019

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   Design And Development Of Material Handling Equipment For Cordierite Slab
          Authors : S Senthil Gavaskar, Kovuru Ashok, M Mariselvan,A Mohamed Akram,P Panneerselvam - India
   Internet Of Things Based Image Processing Using Opencv-Python And Its Application In Smart Building
          Authors : Dr.S.Kalaranib, Aakash S K- India
   Reduced Switch Count Topology For A Series Parallel Switched Multilevel Inverter
          Authors : R. Geetha, M. Ramaswamy - India
   Feature Selection Methods For Prediction Of The Individual’s Status Of Hiv/Aids From Edhs Dataset - A Filter Approach
          Authors : Daniel Mesafint, Dr. Manjaiah D H - India
   Transformer-Less Passive Led Driver
          Authors : Suresh Kumar A, Sunil Kumar V, Kalyanasundaram V, Vidyasagar S - India
   Feature Set Evaluation Model For Opinion Fraud Detection
          Authors : Dr.K.Suvarchala, M.Pramodini, B.Rajkiran, Priyam Yadav - India
   Solar Pv Array Fed 1-Φ Seven Level Hybrid H-Bridge Inverter For Off-Grid Applications
          Authors : C. Pavan Kumar, Dr. N. Karthick, Dr. A. Madhukar Rao - India
   Access And Retrieve The Data In The Cloud By Using Python
          Authors : Subhashini Peneti, Syed mohammed shafi - India
   Analytical Study On Urban Air Pollutants Of Solapur City
          Authors : Snehal S.Pujari, Vaibhav Pujari - USA
   Survey Of Fake News Detection Techniques
          Authors : Deshmukh Ashwini, Dr.Sharvari Govilkar - India

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