Volume 6, Issue 2, April - May,2018

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   Advanced Big Data Analytics For Ecommerce
          Authors : Snehal Nrupnarayan, A. R. Itkikar - India
   Traffic Volume Study: A Case Study Of Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway M9 (Pakistan)
          Authors : Yasir Ibrahim Shah, Hu Zhijian - China
   Performance Analysis of Condenser Subcooling Effects on Vapor Compression Refrigeration System
          Authors : Vijayan. R, BasithAhamed. S, Surendar. M - India
   Experimental Study on Enhancement of Pool Boiling Heat Transfer using Aqueous Ammonium Chloride Solution
          Authors : Vijayan. R, Sugumar K, Basith Ahamed. S - India
   Experimental Analysis Of Heat Transfer In Clay Brick And Fly Ash Brick Wall
          Authors : K.Suryaprakash, Dr.M.Raja - India
   Studies on Mixing Time of Non-Newtonian Fluids in Jet Mixer
          Authors : Mohankumar.G, Saravanan.K, Mugaishudeen.G - India
   Thermal Analysis Of Polystyrene Sheet Parabolic Solar Cooker Using Different Reflective Material
          Authors : Dr.S.Sivalakshmi, R.Deepak - India
   Experimental Investigation on Water Harvesting Using Modified Dew Collector
          Authors : Abiraham F, Suresh babu K, Balusamy T - India
   Design and Analysis of Controller for Agricultural Robotic Vehicle
          Authors : Dhanasekar R,Pavithra P,Tharini S kumar,Vaisnavi B - India
   Semi Automatic Ceiling Fan Cleaning System
          Authors : D.Aravinthan, A.Hariharan, S.K.Dinesh - India
   PID Controller Tuning Using ASPEN HYSYS
          Authors : Bhavatharini Suresh, AbiramiSelvaraj, ArunPremAnand Natarajan - India
   Investigation to Improve the Efficiency of Photovoltaic Module using Phase Change Materials: A Review
          Authors : Dr .M.Raja, P.Sarathkumar - India
   Performance of a Forced Convection Solar Dryer Integrated with Latent Heat Storage Unit
          Authors : Dr. Sivalakshmi. S, Karthi. S - India
   Design, Fabrication and Experimental Analysis of Concrete Collector Solar Water Heater with use of Throttle Tube
          Authors : Dass S A, Balusamy T - India
   Detection of breaks in Gamma-Ray Burst prompt emission spectra
          Authors : Veena Motwani, S.N.A. Jaaffrey, Vivek Mandot - India
   Hybrid Approch For Reducingpeak To Average Power Ratio (Papr) From The Transmitted Signal By Applying Clipping And Filtering Mechanisms
          Authors : Reena Attri, Ravinder Kumar - India
   Mathematical Modeling And Optimization Of NO As Exhaust Gas Components Of Dual Fuel CI Engine Coupled With Biomass Gasifier Using Diesel And Mustard Stalk
          Authors : Lakhwinder Singh - India
   Perception of Green Chemistry Inclination
          Authors : Dr. Manoj K. S. Chhangani - India
   Improvement of Teacher Quality through Teacher Educators
          Authors : Manoj K. S. Chhangani, Sofia I. Hussain - India
   Parametric Study on Effect of Corrosion Inhibitors for Improving the Durability of Reinforced Concrete (RC) Structures
          Authors : Mustufa J. Anaswala, Vijay R. Panchal, Vikram M. Patel, Sameer G. Patel , Samir G. Patel - India
   Waste Transformer oil as alternative fuel for CI engines: A review
          Authors : Awadhesh Kumar Prasad, Rajan Kumar, M.K Mishra - India
   A Compact 2-Element UWB-MIMO Antenna With I-Shaped Stub For Isolation Improvement
          Authors : Swati Gautam , Prof. Kanchan Cecil - India
   Solar Powered Electric Bicycle
          Authors : Abdullah Bin Firoz, Kumar Abhishek, Mohammad Kamil, Mohammad Meraj, - India

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