Volume 5, Issue 4, August - September,2017

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   Evaluation Of The Efficiency Of A Designed And Fabricated Microfementer For The Production Of Banana Wine
          Authors : Malomo, Olu; Popoola, Oyekemi- Nigeria
   To Analyse The Effects Of Different Physical Parameters Of Erbium Doped Fibre Amplifier In C+L Band WDM System
          Authors : Sandeep Singh Klar, Dr. Charanjit Singh, Dr. Rajbir Kaur- India
   A New Approach for Resolving Power Quality Issues in a Distribution System with an Unbalanced Non-linear Load using Two DSTATCOMs
          Authors : Deepthi Janyavula, Dr Satyendra Nath Saxena- India
   Vibrational Properties Of Cubic And Wurtzite Phase Of Boron Nitride
          Authors : Daljit Singh - India
   Assumption and Challenges to make a Planning and scheduling for Egyptian Khufu pyramid project using Building Information Modeling (BIM)
          Authors : Dr. Sarah Saeed Ryad - Egypt
   Review of Practical Applications of the Bow-Tie Approach Especially in Offshore Oil and Gas Industry
          Authors : Haidar Ibrahim, P.J.Rao - India
   Design And Performance Analysis Of Long Reach Bidirectional Multi-User Next Generation Passive Optical Network
          Authors : Rajwinder Singh, Jaspreet Singh Kaleka, Dr.Charanjit Singh - India
   Performance Analysis of MIMO in Urban and Rural Environments
          Authors : Remalli keerthi, K.Rushendra babu - India
   Sum Square Difference Product Prime Labeling of Some Path Related Graphs
          Authors : Sunoj B S, Mathew Varkey T K - India
   Scenario Ofislamic Micro Creditin Asian Countries
          Authors : Irfan Ahmed Sheikh, Dr. Raminder Kaur Sira - India
   Performance Aspect Of Kerosene Blended Waste Plastic Oil When Fueled In Diesel Engine
          Authors : Rajan Kumar, M.K.Mishra- India
   Reuse of Boiler Ash in Building Materials
          Authors : Girish sagar, Dr Sampath kumar M C- India
   Seismic Response Prediction of Spatial Base-Isolated Structures
          Authors : Donatello Cardone,Andrea Lucchini, Emanuele Mastrangelo, Fabrizio Mollaioli- Italy
   Ground-Motion Prediction Equations for Constant-Ductility Input Energy Spectra
          Authors : Yin Cheng, Andrea Lucchini,Fabrizio Mollaioli- Italy

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