Volume 5, Issue 3, June - July,2017

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   A Simple Formulation In Computing Surface Roughness Of Az91d Magnesium Alloy Derived By Using Artificial Bee Colony (Abc) Algorithm
          Authors : Tayfun Kutuk , Deniz Ustun, Baris Buldum , Ali Akdagli - Turkey
   Design Of Automatic Pvc Pipe Cutting Machine
          Authors : Harshit B K, Sunil H, Shashidhar H, Vinayak B, Naveen B - India
   A Closed Form Equation Obtained By Artificial Bee Colony For The Surface Roughness Of Aisi 1050 Steel
          Authors : Eray Mert TEKIN, Deniz USTUN, Berat Baris BULDUM, Ali AKDAGLI - Turkey
   A Novel Image Enhancement Technique Using Interpolation-Based Method
          Authors : Santhosh Gupta Dogiparthi,JagadeeshThati, V. Anil Kumar - India
   Change Detection In Synthetic Aperture Radar Images Based On Fusion And Clustering Strategies
          Authors : Santhosh Gupta Dogiparthi,JagadeeshThati, V. Anil Kumar - India
   Impact Of Outer Ring Road Chennai On Land Use And Environment Using GIS
          Authors : S.R. Masilamani, Sudharsanamurthy.P - India
   Thermoelectric Application of Metal Telluride Nanostructures and their Heterostructures
          Authors : Mohammed Istafaul Haque Ansari, A. Y. Bokhary, Nafis Ahmad - Saudi Arabia & India
   Construction And Investigation Of Electromagnetic Engine
          Authors : Dr.M.Shameer Basha, Dr.Abdul Rahman Alateyah - K.S.A
   Shortest Path For Mobile Traffic Optimization
          Authors : Mohan, Dr.S.Thabasu Kannan - India

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