Volume 5, Issue 2, April - May,2017

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   Review to Improve Network Lifetime in Wireless Sensor Networks
          Authors : Krati Rastogi, Kaushik Ghosh - India
   Increasing The Reliability Of Information-Measuring Technical Vision Systems
          Authors : Mammadov Rahim, Imanova Ulkar, Khudaverdiyeva Mehebbet - Azerbaijan
   Optimizing Performance Of Clustering Time Series Database Using Fast Feature Selection Algorithm
          Authors : Sandhya Devi, C.P. Singh - India
   Inertial Piezoelectric Stepping Motor
          Authors : Mammadov R.G., Yagubov R.A., Abdulova A.G. - Azerbaijan
   Static and Dynamic Analysis of Helical Gear Using Alternative Material
          Authors : Parth Patel, Sharad Chauhan, Abhishek Dubey, Deepkumar Patel4 , Jay Mandalia - India
   Identification Of Disease Target Protein In Pancreatic And Prostate Cancer Using Big Data
          Authors : Kangan Arora - India
   Wireless Remote Surveillance And Recording System With Hierarchical Level Customizations
          Authors : Nachiket Pande - India
   Random Vibration Analysis of Ammonium Carbonate Pump Used In a Petrochemical Plant
          Authors : Anoop Sabu, Greeniya George, Jaimon Jose, Jishnu S G, Jithin Job, Linoy Thomas, Teltom Thomas Simethy, Aswin M Menon, Nibu B Koikkoran - India
   An ABC-Analysis for Optimization of Non-Active Raw Materials in Inventory Management: A Case Study
          Authors : Vivek Kumar, Susheel Malviya, Sachin Jain - India

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