Volume 5, Issue 1, February - March,2017

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   Recommender System Based On Web Usage Mining For Restructuring Of E-Learning Websites And Blogs
          Authors : Sunil, Prof. M. N. Doja - India
   Secure Communication Method Based on Steganography in Color Images
          Authors : Uqba bn Naffa - Iraq
   A Comparative Study On The Performance Of FTO Based Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED)
          Authors : D. Saikia, R. Sarma - India
   Casein Micelles Physical Properties of Zaraibi Goat’s Milk in Semi- Intensive Production System
          Authors : Elzeini Hoda Mahmoud, El-Abd Moneir Mahmoud , Soryal Kamal Assad, Abo Hasiba Shaimaa Gaber - Egypt
   Review on Sensor based Hand Gesture Recognition System
          Authors : Kunal R. Jambhulkar - India
   Prediction Of Weld Bead Geometry In Pulsed Mig Welding
          Authors : S Rajsekhara Reddy, V Ravi Kumar, B Chandra Sekhar - India
   Smart Carpooling System For University
          Authors : Akshay Murudkar, Mohindar Rathod, Sahil Raut, Sail Raut, Prof Snehal Kathale - India
   Design Techniques of Microwave Filters: A Literature Review
          Authors : Ashna shaiba , Dr. Agya Mishra - India
   Optimization of Electrical Discharge Machining Process Parameters using JIS SCM420 low alloy steel by Response Surface Methodology
          Authors : Komal Morankar, Rahul Shelke - India
   Load Balancing And Performance Evaluation In Saas Layer Using Autoregressive Model
          Authors : S.Sankara Narayanan, Dr. M.Ramakrishnan - India

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