Volume 4, Issue 5, October - November,2016

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   A Review On Delay Optimization For Multimedia Traffic Over The MANET
         Authors : Munmun Asati, Dr.Amit Shrivastava - India
   Smart Stove
         Authors : Ketan Thakur, Juned Inamdar, Shoaib Khan, Siddharth Shetty - India
   Contrast Enhancement For Underwater Image Using DCT Coefficient
         Authors : G. S. Singadkar - India
   Modal Analysis Of Honeycomb Sandwich Panel
         Authors : Sai Vempati, T Mahender - India
   Study of Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) in PV Systems
         Authors : Fathy M. Mustafa, M. Elzalik, R. Mostafa - Egypt
   Is Anodised Aluminium A Suitable Alternative to Stainless Steel and Titanium Alloys for Use in Orthopedic Implants?
         Authors : Shri Harsha Bharadwaj, R Swaminathan, Sanjit G Shankar, Ranjit J, Dr. C M Ramesha - India
   Speed Control of Dc Motor Based On Linear Quadratic Regulator Method
         Authors : Ishak ERTUGRUL, Osman ULKIR, Nihat AKKUS - Turkey
   Embedded System Based Real Time Position Control of a Dc Motor Using Matlab
         Authors : Osman ULKIR, Ishak ERTUGRUL, Nihat AKKUS - Turkey
   Towards Developing Information Systems for Enhancing Land Management in Developing Countries
         Authors : Sharafeldeen Ibrahim Bannaga, Abdelaziz Hassan Abdelrazig - SUDAN
   Design Of Intelligent Energy-Saving Management System For Classroom
         Authors : Dalin MOU, Yudong XU, Tianzheng WANG, Ling LONG - China

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