Volume 4, Issue 4, August - September,2016

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   UTM Coordinate Transformation For River Meandering Studies
         Authors : Mahendra Kumar Nigam, Sushil Kumar Mittal, Sunil Kumar Katiyar - India
   Appraisal of Physico-chemical parameters in Groundwater Quality for Drinking purposes in Sandur Taluk Bellary District (India)
         Authors : D. M. Thotappaiah, T. Suresh, Manjappa S, Suresh B - India
   Experimental Study On High Performance Concrete By Partial Replacement Of Fine Aggregate By Manufactured Sand Using Silica Fume
         Authors : R.Rashmi Mano, J.Philips - India
   Evolutionary Synthesis Process For Methane Liquefaction
         Authors : Harshitha Reddy Pantham - India
         Authors : Yuan Huang - China
   Real Time Patient Monitoring System Via Ecg Signal Using Gsm Network: A Preliminary Study
         Authors : Mohammed F. Alsharekh, Anwar Hassan Ibrahim, Muhammad Islam, Asim Aziz - KSA
   Delay Optimization For Multimedia Traffic Over The MANET Using Genetic Algorithm
         Authors : Munmun Asati, Dr.Amit Shrivastava - India
   Population And Food Grain Production In Aligarh District: A Block Wise Study
         Authors : Sahar Fatma, Abdul Munir - India
   Android Mobile Application for Students Class Attendance
         Authors : Sadiq Abubakar, Abubakar M. Ahmed, Murtala Hayatu, Amina Abdul-Hamid - Nigeria
   Self Similarty Solution Of Plane Blast Wave Propagation
         Authors : Jitendra Kumar Soni, Seema Singh - India
   Study of Clutter and Noise Suppression using STAP Techniques on a Radar System
         Authors : S. Aruna, Dr. K. Srinivasa Naik, Surendra Khadka, Gopi Krishna Chaulagain - India
   Compensation Of Reactive Power And To Reduce Harmonics By Using STATCOM
         Authors : Prachi P. Khadatkar, Dinesh D. Majumdar - India
   Design of Compact UWB Antenna with Dual Band Notched using Two C-shaped and U-slot for WLAN and X-Band rejection
         Authors : Mourad Elhabchi, Mohamed Nabil Srifi, Rajae Touahni - Morrocco
   Contribution Of Road Projects To Water Pollution
         Authors : Antonia Athanasopoulou - Greece
   Stability Monitoring & Control On The Grid Prototype
         Authors : Saurabh Jain, Dr Anand Khare - India
   A Hybrid Technique Based On Web Usage And Content Features For Web Page Recommendation
         Authors : Nandita Tiwari, Dr. Amit Shrivastava - India

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