Volume 4, Issue 3, June - July,2016

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   Analysis Of Bandwidth Of Dual Slit Loaded Microstrip Patch Antenna Using Artificial Neural Network
         Authors : Archana Lala, S. R. Nigam, Vinod Kumar Singh - India
   Location Hiding To Mitigate The Sinkhole Attacks In WSN
         Authors : Roopa S.N, Chinnaswamy C.N, Dr.T.H.Sreenivas - India
   Design And Implementation Of Efficient Multiplier Architectures
         Authors : K.R.Priya Dharshini, Mr. S.Saravanan - India
   Computational Fluid Dynamics Model Of A Quad-Rotor Helicopter For Dynamic Analysis
         Authors : Gwangtim Timothy Poyi, Amar Bousbaine, Mian Hong Wu - United Kingdom
   Construction Of 3-Phase Grid Prototype
         Authors : Saurabh Jain, Madhur A Sinha, Dr Anand Khare - India
   Introduction To Sailfish OS
         Authors : Mrs. Yogini G. Joshi - India
   Improvement Of Stability In IEEE 14 Bus System Using PSO-GSA Tuned STATCOM
         Authors : Sarita, Sachit Rathee, Dr Puneet Pahuja - India
   Performance Enhancement Of Power Balance Theory Based DSTATCOM Using Fuzzy Logic Controller
         Authors : Koduri Goutham kumar, T. Praveen Kumar, Dr.K.Sumanth - India
   Automatic Licensed Number Plate Recognition Using Artificial Neural Network
         Authors : Ritu, Ms. Suneyna, Mr. Sachit Rathee - India
   Energy Metering Of Surge Load Based On ESPRIT Method
         Authors : Li Bo, Ma Zhiqiang, Li Shilin, Liu Qingchan, Lin Chong - China
   Adaptability Analysis of Nonlinear Load Reactive Measure Theory
         Authors : Li Bo, Li Shilin, Liu Qingchan - China
   Performance & Emission (CFD Analysis) Studies On A Single Cylinder Di Diesel Engine Fueled With Diesel & Cotton Seed Oil Blends At Injection Pressure 200 Kg/Cm2
         Authors : Dr.M.Shameer Basha, Dr .A. l. Alateyah - KSA
   An Efficient Method Of Classifying MR Image Using Image Mining Techniques
         Authors : R.Saritha, C.Parthasarathy - India
   Experimental Analysis of Performance and Emission on Single Cylinder Di Diesel Engine Using Kharanja Biodiesel & Diesel Blends by Varying Injection Pressure
         Authors : Veeresh Mangalawedhe, Ravindra Kondaguli, B R Hosamani - India

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