Volume 4, Issue 2, April - May,2016

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   Water Resources Supply and Demand Matching Model Based on Fuzzy Evaluation Method
         Authors : Rui-Jie Tang, Xiao-Tong Liu, Fan-Ze Meng - China
   Renewable Energy Powered Gesture Controlled Robot
         Authors : Hemabrabha.G, Abishek.S, Madhumathi.P, Vignesh.S, Vikashini.K.M- India
   Women Security System using Geo-fence Technique
         Authors : Prasad Kulkarni, Chaitanya Jadhav, Monika Jamdar, P.S.Hanwate- India
   An Approach for Black-start Group Decision-making Algorithm Based on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Valued Sugeno Integral Operator in the context of Energy Internet
         Authors : Yaqian Fan, Zhaoneng Guo- China
   Assessment Of Occupational Injuries And Illness Among The Workers In Foundry Environment
         Authors : N.Nandakumar, M.Arularasu- India
   Exergy Evaluation Of A Central Chilled Water System
         Authors : Zeyad AlSuhaibani- Saudi Arabia
   Imprint on Marshall Stability Properties With And Without Using Sasobit – A Warm Mix Additive
         Authors : Patel H.B., Mishra C.B., Varia H.R- India
   Improved Volunteered Service With Secured Epoch Based Voronoi Cells
         Authors : P. Subash, D. Surya- India
   Design and Finite Element Analysis of Leaf Spring
         Authors : Pawan Jaiswal, Debayan Das, Ankit Basnet, Saurav Rajgadia, Anush karki, Anupam Raj Jha, Rakesh Jaiswal, Rabindra Nath Barman- India
   Communication Aid for Severe Speech Impairment
         Authors : Aswathi N G, Juliet Joju M, Judith Sen E- India
   Exploring The Use Of Geographic Information Systems For Rural Development Under Primary Healthcare
         Authors : Amruth Kiran, Anirudh Srinivas, Shrihari M R- India
   Load Balancing Video Servers In Distributed System
         Authors : Kunjal Surati, Vedashree Patil , Namoshi Roy, Ramakant singh, Prof. Smita Patil- India
   An Implementation Of Education System Through Deep And Deeper Learning Techniques
         Authors : Dr.M. Kumarasamy- India
   Computation Of Stress Intensity Factor For Dynamic Load To Predict Failure Of Mechanical Components
         Authors : Sarvjeet Roy, Jagabandhu Shit- India
   A Comparative Study on Various Software Testing Techniques in Cloud Computing
         Authors : Vijayendra Kumar Shah, Goutam Ghosh, Akshay Kende- India
   Proportional Temperature Control For Food Grade Rotary Roaster Furnace Using RF Transceiver
         Authors : Deep Chhaiya, Rohit Kathiriya- India
   Text Extraction From A Video Image Using MSF Based Approach
         Authors : Mrs.S.Aruna, V. Sesha Sriteja, V.S.M.Durga Prasad, S.V. Vamsi - India
   The Influence Of Fly Ash On The Engineering Properties Of Asphalt And Hot Mix Asphalt
         Authors : Abdelaziz Hassan Abdelrazig, Sami Abdullah Osman, Adil. A.M. Elhassan- Sudan, Saudi Arabia
   Experience of Using Formal Concept Analysis in Supporting Software Testing Activities
         Authors : Pin Ng- Hong Kong
   Key Exchange Protocol With Gaussian Integer Matrices
         Authors : B.P.Tripathi, Shruti Nathani- India
   Optimal Scale And Addressing Of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
         Authors : Lianbin Lin- China
   A Survey On Regression Testing Technique And Their Metrics
         Authors : Jyoti Shinde, Privi Dubey, D.Sirisha, Dr. Manjula R- India
   Design And Analysis Of A Spring Back Effect In Sheet Metal Forming
         Authors : M.Arunkumar,V.Munusami,R.Karthik,V.Ashok Kumar- India
   A Study Of Agile Methodology From Various Perspectives And Evaluation Using Different Assessment Frameworks
         Authors : Fiona Mathews, Princy Victor, Kangan Arora, Manjula R- India
   Optimized Inductive Power Transfer Using Randomized Method
         Authors : Sheetal, Mr. Sachit Rathee, Mr. Gurmeet Singh- India
   Public Auditing For Shared Data In The Cloud Networks With Privacy-Preserving Implementation
         Authors : Ashutosh Kumar- India
   A Rapid Sulfuryl Flouride Dosing Device: A Case Study for Fumigation of Freight Containers
         Authors : Aiping Gong, Zhengjun Qiu, Pengcheng Nie- China
   An Efficient Classification Model Based On Hybrid Approach Using ID3, Association, Normalisation, And Entropy For Intrusion Detection System
         Authors : Akansha Malviya, Dr Amit Shrivastava- India
   Industrial Parameter Monitoring through IOT by using Sensors
         Authors : Sai Subramanian.A- India
   Research On The Extended Black-Start Scheme Of Power System With Microgrid
         Authors : Zeyu Wu, Danyu Zhang, Xiaohong Lin- China

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