Volume 4, Issue 1, February - March,2016

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   Evaluation Of Basic Strength Indicators Of Mangifera Indica Timber To Ascertain Its Suitability For Furniture Construction
         Authors : Ahamada Zziwa, Robert K. Kambugu, Simon Kizito, Allan Mugisha, O. Sseremba, Agatha Syofuna - Uganda
   Exploring SEO Process Parameters For Page Ranking
         Authors : Dhavat Shah, Dr. D.B.Choksi - India
   Development Of DTSM For Controlling The Vibrations Of Beams
         Authors : Mr. Arunkumar G, Dr. T.C.Manjunath - India
   Text To Pho Algorithm For Telugu
         Authors : D.Nagaraju, Dr.R.J.Ramasree - India
   Survey on Passive-Blind Image Forensics
         Authors : Vinita Devi, Vikas Tiwari - India
   Investigation Of Ultimate Resisting Moment Of Reinforced Concrete Slabs Systems Using Yield Line Theory, Bs 8110 And Computer Soft Wares
         Authors : Adil. A. M. Elhassan, Fathelrahman. M. A. Aboh, Izeldein. J. I. Ahmed - Sudan & KSA
   Identification And Characterization Of Compounds Responsible For Aromas In Fermented Cassava Leaves "Ntoba Mbodi"
         Authors : DHELLOT Jocelyne Renée, KINDZONZI MBENZA Junior Marvin Gabhel, MOKEMIABEKA Saturnin Nicaise, MOYEN Rachel, KOBAWILA Simon Charles, LOUEMBE Delphin - Congo
   The Implementation Of Voltage Inverse Control Scheme For Micro Grid Energy Storage Inverter Based On FPGA
         Authors : Lin Yongjun, Zhou Honbo, Guo Lei, Liu Weiliang - China
   Future of Wireless Communication Network Technologies:Wi-Fi Vs Gi-Fi Vs Super Wi-Fi
         Authors : Md.Alimul Haque, A.K.Sinha, Nidhi Raj, N.K.Singh - India
   Two Tier Security Scheme For Store Share And Audit Our Data Into Cloud
         Authors : M.Pavithra, D.Sivaranjani, Mr.B.Ravikumar - India
   Design And Analysis Of High Speed Helical Gear Using Ansys
         Authors : Md Yahiya, Md Naser Ahmed, Mohammed Aqeel Ahmed, Md Abdul Raheem Junaidi - India
   Comparison Of Different Classification Techniques For Mammogram Image Analysis
         Authors : A.P.Manjunatha, H.S. Sheshadri, M.N.GiriPrasad - India
   Security Enhancement of Cloud Data using Policy File Encryption and Multiple Key Management Service Providers
         Authors : R.Sangeetha, A.Vasantha, B.Ravikumar - India
   Cost-Effective Approach For Vivacious Source Allotment In Cloud Services
         Authors : Shuganya.R, Toshiba.M, Subashini.P - India
   Data Integrity In Cloud Environment With Id Based Ring Signature Authentication
         Authors : J.Vinodini, A.Prena Rashmi, Mrs.S.Revathy- India
   OPC Based Remote Patient Monitoring System With Android HMI
         Authors : Mrs.K.P.Kamini, P.Sathishkumar - India
   Design Of Effective Shopper Purchase Analysis Model Based On CHRIP Likes
         Authors : Atshaya.S, Shanmathi.V, Selvakumar.S - India
   Performance Of Allocation And Analysis For Multiuser Network Using End To End Communication
         Authors : Vanitha.T, Radhikaa.M, Mahalakshmi.D - India
   Development of FPGA MicroBlaze Processor and GSM based Wireless Monitoring System for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
         Authors : Neha Joshi, Rajanish Kamat, Pawan Gaikwad - India
   A Boosted Gain Using Dc/Dc Converter With Dual Coupled Inductor
         Authors : S.Uma Maheswari, R.Swathi, B.Vaishali - India
   Online Healthcare Based Pharmaceutical System Using Hadoop
         Authors : R. Rathika , M .Sountharrya , Mr.R. Purushothaman - India
   Data Partitioning From Homomorphism Identification With Dynamic Data
         Authors : Sangeetha.R, Saranya.A, Anitha.V - India
   An Effective Analysis And System Based Sampling Model For Deduplication
         Authors : M.Magheswari ,E.Muthu Jeyanthi, Dr.S.Selvakumar - India
   Trustworthy URI Enhancing The Reliability Of Data On The Web Adopting Base 64 Encryption
         Authors : A.Vignesh, V.B.Sathya, M.Anand - India
   Model And Analysis Of Message Transfer In Delay Networks
         Authors : Ram Kumar S, Rajarathinam N, Dr.S.Selva Kumar - India
   Reroute Packets To The Nearest Node Using Floyd’s Algorithm
         Authors : Malini.S, Mohana.B, K.Jaisharma - India
   Comparative study of Different Voltage Controlled Oscillator using CMOS Technology
         Authors : Ankit Srivastava, Shyam Akashe, S.R.Nigam - India

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