Volume 3, Issue 6, December - January,2016

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   Economic and Environmental Analyses of a 10kWe Low Temperature Solar Thermal Power Plant
         Authors : Shadreck M. Situmbeko, Freddie L. Inambao - Durban, RSA
   Realistic Mobility Model And Co-Operative Peer To Peer Data Transmission For VANET’s Using SUMO And MOVE
         Authors : Nataraj B, Dr. T. Kantharaju - India
   Mechanical Properties Of Metal Matrix Composite Of Aluminum (7075) And Silicon Carbide
         Authors : Deeparaj.E, Vivek.B, Hariprasath.D- India
   Effect Of Salinity On Hydrated Lime Stabilized Swelling Clay Soils From Sudan
         Authors : A.M. Elhassan, A.M. Elsharief- Sudan
   Case Study On Erosion Failure Of CFBC Boiler
         Authors : Piyushkumar B Chaudhari, Prof.V.H.Patil, Dr.C.R.Patil - India
   Study On The Performance Of Rock In SHPB Experiment
         Authors : Deng Ningyu - China
   Effect of Inter-Ply Sequence on The Impact Behavior of Plain Weave Woven Glass/Kevlar Hybrid Composite Laminates
         Authors : M. A. Kounain, F. Al-Sulaiman, Z. Khan - Saudi Arabia
   Solar Assisted Automobile A/C Based On A Water-Lithium Bromide Absorption Refrigeration System
         Authors : Salameh Sawalhah - Jordan
   Information Sharing System For Human Network
         Authors : Aishwarya Shenoy, Ojas Patharkar, Shrunkita Patil, Chanda Chouhan - India
   Trekking Recording System Using Smart Phone Sensors
         Authors : Seok-Wun Ha, Yong-Ho Moon - South Korea
   Handwritten Address Text String Extraction From Mail Images
         Authors : Zhimin Huang, Ju Wu, Yujie Xiong - China
   Power Control for Hybrid Renewable Energy System
         Authors : Er. Rahul Tusia, Er. AmanTusia - India
   A Comparison Of Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm With Genetic Algorithm On Benchmark Functions
         Authors : Ashok Kumar, Brajesh Kumar Sing, B.D.K.Patro - India
   Uncertainty Based On Analyses And Optimal Design Of A Solar Cell
         Authors : Hoe-Gil Lee, Singiresu S. Rao - India & USA
   An Efficiency Analysis For Data Hiding With Use of Random Key Cryptography over Rivest-Shamir-Adleman Algorithm
         Authors : Sunita Rani, Savita - India
   Quantification Of Physico-Chemical Characteristics And Modeling Faecal Sludge Nutrients From Kampala City Slum Pit Latrines
         Authors : Daniel Kimuli, Ahamada Zziwa, Noble Banadda, Isa Kabenge, Nicholas Kiggundu, Robert Kambugu, Joshua Wanyama, Peter Tumutegyereize, Julia Kigozi - Uganda
   Inferring Strength Of Structural Timbers From Small Clear Specimen Strength Test Data
         Authors : Ahamada Zziwa, Yasin Naku Ziraba, Jackson A. Mwakali - Uganda
   The Sound Of Hudhud
         Authors : Siva Shanmukha Anjaneyababu Padavala, Sai Teja Alapati, Purna Satya SaiRam Chandrala - India
   Design Of Passive Hydro-Pneumatic Suspension System For Car
         Authors : Mr. Mahesh Darade, Prof. N. D. Khaire - India
   Efficient Data Broadcasting for VANET’s using PROAODV, SUMO and MOVE
         Authors : M. Sumadhuri. M.C. Mamatha, B.L. Mamatha - India

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