Volume 3, Issue 4, August - September,2015

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   Efficiency Enhancement In WSN By Using RTS/CTS Based Relative Time Synchronization
         Authors : Gursimran Kaur, Geetanjali Babbar- India
   Application Of Enhanced Security In Mondrian OLAP To Secure Big Data
         Authors : Fernandez raj D, Gunasekaran G- India
   Improvement Of Voltage Stability In WECS Using Of Two Mass Drive Train And PWM Converter
         Authors : Kajal Kushwah, C.S. Sharma- India
   Enhancement in AOMDV Protocol to Reduce Chances of Link Failure in Mobile Adhoc Network
         Authors : Anureet Kaur, Ms. Yasmeen Kaur Dhaliwal- India
   To Check Standard Performance Of Supply Chain Management Use In Different Method From Textile Industry
         Authors : Ashish Patel, Dr. T.N. Desai, Dr. Hitesh Parmar- India
   Evaluation Of Mechanical Properties Of Friction Stir Welding Of Aluminium-6061 Alloy Using Conical Tool
         Authors : Mahesh.B.R, Nandakumar.M.B, J. Satheesh, Akshay.S- India
   Polynomial Encryption Using The Subset Problem Based On Elgamal
         Authors : Khushboo Thakur, B. P. Tripathi- India
   Bandwidth Enhancement of Stacked Microstrip Patch Antenna Using Multidielectric Substrate
         Authors : Ankita Wadhera, Vikas Tiwari, D.Arya- India
   Field Programmable Gate Array Based Phase Shift Technique For Three Phase Inverter
         Authors : S. K. Rathod, M.D. Uplane, P.K. Gaikwad- India
   EHDFS: Overview Of Novel Architecture And Data Retrieval Model In Big Data Scenario
         Authors : Anitha. R, John Bright. A, Nikhil Selvaraj- India
   Automatic Energy Saving System for Street Lighting Using Zigbee Network
         Authors : Saleem P. Choudhary, Dr. Balaji G. Hogade, Dr.Ravish R. Singh- India
   Embedded System Perspectives To Fuse Internet Of Things [Iot]
         Authors : Gokul Ashok.Nanmaran , B.Amutha- India
   An Automatic Fan Speed Controller Leveraging Internet of Things
         Authors : Gokul Ashok Nanmaran, Neha Shivhare, Aparna A, Kayalvizhi Jayavel- India
   Automated Tool For Web User Identification
         Authors : Bhawesh Kumar Thakur, Syed Qamar Abbas, Mohd. Rizwan Beg, Sheenu Rizvi- India
   PI Controller Based Power Quality Improvement In Distribution System
         Authors : S. Arulkumar, P. Madhavasarma- India
   Design and Finite Element Analysis of Connecting rod using Solidworks and ANSYS Workbench
         Authors : Debayan Das, Saurav Rajgadia, Anush Karki, Ankit Basnet, Pawan Jaiswal, Rakesh Jaiswal, Anupam Raj Jha, Rabindra Nath Barman- India
   Modeling, Analysis, And Prevention Of Losses In Car Service Contracting
         Authors : Yossi Avrahamoff, Amir Elalouf- Israel
   Development Of An Energy Drink From Sweet Liquid Whey
         Authors : Kilavan Packiam Kannan, Lakshsmi Narayanan Vijayakumar, Senthamarai Manogaran, Arumugam Karthikeyan, Mathivanan Vignesh- India
   Clickstream Analysis Using Big Data – Hadoop
         Authors : Mrs. Charushila Shailendra Patil, Mr. Dinesh G Patil - India
   Simulative Study Of Dual Mode Resonant Inverter System For Improved Efficiency And Power Factor In Induction Heating Application
         Authors : Juhi Gupta, S.P.Phulambikar - India
   A New Decision Making Tool for Budgeting Based on the Analytical Hierarchy Process
         Authors : Adil A. Abdul-Aziz, Omer A. E. Elhaj, Maingwe Mbao - Sudan
   Effects Of Airport Runway Deicers On Standard Test Materials: Potassium Succinate Vs. Potassium And Sodium Salts Of Acetic And Formic Acids
         Authors : Hasan Alizadeh, Kris Arvid Berglund - USA
   Oxydehydrogenation Of Succimide To Maleimide
         Authors : Carina M Johansson, Kris A Berglund - USA & Sweden
   Oxydehydrogenation Of Succinic Acid To Maleic Acid And Fumaric Acid
         Authors : Carina M Johansson, Kris A Berglund - USA & Sweden
   The Effects Of Different Salts/Acids On The Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Of The Binary System Of Water/Ethanol
         Authors : Tim Petrik, Kris A. Berglund - USA & Sweden
   A Parametric Study Of Solidification Of PCM In An Annulus With Alternating Fins
         Authors : Kamal A. R. Ismail, Monica M. Gonçalves, Fatima A. M. Lino - Brazil
   An Efficient Road Route Path Miner Using Data Mining Technique On Temporal Data Patterns
         Authors : S. Sivakumar, Dr. C.Chandrasekar - India
   Simulation And Analysis Of PWM Inverter Controlled Induction Motor
         Authors : G. Pandian, S. Rama Reddy - India
   A Comparison Of Guelph Permeameter And Double Ring Infiltrometer Methods For Estimating The Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity In Sandy Soils
         Authors : Mostafa Ebrahimi, Siavash Moradi - Iran
   Can A Question Answering System Predict? - A Survey
         Authors : Susan Aisoo Thomas, Lekshmy P Chandran, Bindu.M.S - India

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