Volume 3, Issue 3, June - July,2015

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   Suitability of E-Sand as Replacement for River Sand in Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete
         Authors : Anil Kumar M, Manu J, Bhanulatha G N- India
   Design and Implementation of Mil-Std-1553B Bus Protocol Controller with FPGA and ASIC
         Authors : Sharon Theresa George, J. Mangaiyarkarasi- India
   Derivation Of Shape Descriptors On Uniform Local Binary Patterns For Classification Of Textures
         Authors : P. Kiran Kumar Reddy- India
   Study Of White Box, Black Box And Grey Box Testing Techniques
         Authors : Anjali Bhasin, Mr Manojkumar- India
   Data Warehousing - Essential Element To Support Decision-Making Process In Industries
         Authors : Ashima Bhasin, Mr Manojkumar- India
   A Novel Superlative Flawless Solution For Load Balancing In Cloud Computing
         Authors : Durga.S, Manikandan.M- India
   Remote Access To PC
         Authors : Vivek Kumar,Vishal Kumar, Devaraj Verma C- India
   Grid Quorum Based Energy-Efficient Delay-Aware Routing Protocol For UWSN
         Authors : Mrs.S.Jaipriya, A.Manigopal, Ms.S.Tamilarasi, Mrs.N.Padmapriya- India
   Wear Analysis Of Single Point Cutting Tool With And Without Coating
         Authors : Nitin M Mali, T. Mahender- India
   A Review On Various Techniques For Skew Detection And Correction In Handwritten Text Documents
         Authors : Ambica Rani, Er. Harinderpal Singh- India
   Gene Data Analysis and Techniques: A Survey
         Authors : R. Rajeswari, K. Upendra Babu, Dr. G. GunaSekaran- India
   Experimental study on M30 Grade Fiber Reinforced Concrete Using Quarry Dust and Recycled Aggregates
         Authors : Shreyas Y S, Sharath N, Rajeeva S J, Manjunath K A- India
   Experimental study on M30 Grade Fiber Reinforced Concrete Using Aluminium Slag and Recycled Aggregates
         Authors : Shreyas Y S, Sharath N, Rajeeva S J- India
   Utilisation Of Steel Slag In Roads Of Marathwada Region
         Authors : Shubhada S. Koranne, Dr. S.S.Valunjkar- India
   Comparative Study Of EN 47 Leaf Spring & E-Glass Fiber With Epoxy Resin Hardner Based Unidirection Laminated Composite Leaf Spring
         Authors : N. J. Varpe, B. R. Borkar, V. B. Shinde, R. S. Tajane- India
   Effect of Magnesium Addition on Fracture Toughness in Aluminium Silicon Carbide Metal Matrix Composite
         Authors : Renjith NR, Sijo MT- India
   Orthogonal Beam Forming Network – A Novel Approach
         Authors : Ajay Thakare, Dr. Rajendra Shelke- India
   Study Of Dynamic Effect On Unsymmetrical Building (Rcc & Steel)
         Authors : Pralobh S. Gaikwad, Prof. Kanhaiya K. Tolani- India
   Impact Of Modern Life Style, Social Media & Communication Tools On The Work Life Balance Of Executives In Private Sector
         Authors : Abhinica Sahu,Dr. S.M.Dwivedi- India
   Design, Develop And Analysis Of Effortless Pressure Regulator Considering Pressure Vessel Aspect
         Authors : M. B. Chopade, S.N. Khan- India
   Increasing The Wear Resistance Of EN 36 Feed Roller By Using Hardfacing Process
         Authors : R.Paventhan, C.Rajesh- India
   Design of Plastic & Steel Components for Required Life of Actuator Assembly
         Authors : Sachin Shah, Subim Khan- India
   Comparison Of Corrosion Effects Of Potassium Succinate, Road Salt, And Calcium Magnesium Acetate On Aluminum And Steel
         Authors : Hasan Alizadeh, Kris A. Berglund- USA & Sweden
   Improved K-Means Algorithm Based on COATES Approach
         Authors : Mr.Nikhil Patankar, Prof.Prakash Rokade- India
   Controlling LAN using J2ME and RMI API
         Authors : Shiva Shree Nagendra R, Bhat Geetalaxmi Jairam- India
   A Key Approach To Maintain Security Through Log Management For Data Sharing In Cloud
         Authors : Shriram Vaidya, Prof. Aruna Gupta- India
   A Power Transfer Distribution Factor Model For Sensitivity Analysis Of Time Flows On Power System Bus Injections
         Authors : Ganiyu Adedayo Ajenikoko, Omowumi Grace Olasunkanmi- Nigeria
   Enhancement Of Gas Turbine Blade Cooling Using Rib Turbulators
         Authors : Bikash Kumar Mondal, E.Natarajan, B. Dinesh, R. Divakaran- India
   Use Of Load Dispatch Scheduling For Generation Cost Reduction In Thermal Power Plant
         Authors : S. R. Vyas, Dr. Rajeev Gupta- India

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