Volume 3, Issue 1, February - March,2015

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   Effect on Wind Pressures by Variation of Roof Pitch of Low-Rise Hip-Roof Building
         Authors : H. Irtaza, M. A. Javed, A. Jameel- India
   Intelligent Traffic Light And Automatic Street Lighting System According To Traffic Density
         Authors : Mr. Solanke Digamber, Mr. Jogdand Maruti, Mr.Jadhav Amol, Mr. Mandlik Sachin- India
   Consideration Of LFM Signal For Co-Channel Multisite Radars
         Authors : Kyoung-Whoan Suh, Jung-Ho Ahn- Korea
   Development Of Temperature Tracker For Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
         Authors : Neha Joshi, Rajanish Kamat, Pawan Gaikwad- India
   Automatic Docking System For Surviellance Robots Using Wireless Image Transmission
         Authors : K.Gayathri, Mr.K.Kannan,Mrs.T.Uma Maheswari - India
   Theoretical Challenges of Cement Modified Crushed Rock Base Material In Pavements
         Authors : ALIREZA REZAGHOLILOU, H. NIKRAZ - Australia
   A Comprehensive Study Of Kernel Attacks And Its Countermeasures In Virtual Machines
         Authors : Bright Prabahar P, Vetrivelan - India
   Seepage Characteristics Of Bingham Fluid In Pores Medium
         Authors : Zheng jingyun, Xiao Sanxia, Jiang Guoping - China
   New Low Energy/Power Parallel Decimal Multiplier on FPGA and ASIC
         Authors : Amin Malekpour, Sadegh Nejatzadeh, Farzaneh Aghajari, Saeid Malekpour - Iran
   Study the Effect of Fly Ash, Silica Fume and Recycled Aggregate on the Compressive Strength of Concrete
         Authors : Priyanka, Musaib Mehraj Bhat - India
   Nanoclay Reinforced Polyurethane-Epoxy Blend: A Review
         Authors : K Natarajan, Anu K S - India
   A Conveyable Ecg Monitoring Application With Advanced Memory Based Technique
         Authors : Vidhya.R,Felcy Jeba Malar.M - India
   Location Based Proficient Recoiled Algorithm for Reliable Routing Protocol in Mobile Ad Hoc Network
         Authors : Rakesh Kumar Sahu, Narendra S Chaudhari - India
   Left Nucleus In Semiprime Strongly (-1,1) Rings
         Authors : Y.S.N.Satyanarayana, Dr.A.Anjaneyulu, Dr.D.Prabhakara Reddy - India
   Stress Coping Strategies By It Professionals In South India
         Authors : V. Sreecharan, S. Gautami, V. Satish Kumar - India
   A Wireless Control Quadcopter With Web Camera And Self Balancing System
         Authors : Vaishali Nirmal, Dengale Supriya, Divekar Pallavi, Dipti Shah - India
   Spatial Data Mining: Querying Over Spatial Data
         Authors : Nipun Bansal - India
   Robust Nonlinear Backstepping Controller Design for Doubly-Fed Induction Machine in Wind Power Generation
         Authors : Mohammed Rachidi, Badr Bououlid Idrissi- Morocco
   Design Of Vacuum Controlled Discharge Lavatory System (VCDLS) Of Railway Car
         Authors : K.Santhapriyan,R.Rajadesing, S.Sasikumar, M.Thirumoorthy- India
   Rigid Body Dynamic Simulation Of Steering Mechanism
         Authors : V.D.Thorat, S.P.Deshmukh- India
   Finite Element Analysis of Payload for Space Applications
         Authors : Pranav Mahamuni, Amol Kamthe, Rohit Cholke, Sachin Velapure, Yash Parikh- India
   An Efficient Way Of Detecting Numbers In Car License Plate Using Neural Network Training With GA
         Authors : Mr.C.Selvakumar, Mrs.D.Vetrithangam, M.Kamarajan- India
   Information Security In E-Governance : A Case Study Based Analysis
         Authors : Dr. Abhishek Roy- India
   Case-Study On Functional Minimum Storage Regenerating Codes For Fault Tolerance Cloud Storage
         Authors : Rishabh Anand- India
   Cyclic Polarization Analysis Of Corrosion Behavior Of 6061 Al/Sicp Composite With And Without Protective Coating(Full paper is removed as per the request by the Author)
         Authors : Jabril A.Khamaj- Saudi Arabia
   Real Time Atomization Of Indian Agricultural System
         Authors : K.Karthickpriya, Dr.S.Vijayarajan, Mr.K.Kannan- India
   Review Paper on Cloud Computing With Real-Time Media Streaming Using Virtual Private Drive
         Authors : Mr.Roshan Thakur, Avinash Khadatkar, Ajinkya Kulkarni,Chinmay Giradkar, Vicky Humne- India
   Unity 3D Game Using Various Technologies : A Review
         Authors : S. Khapekar, P. Thakre, N. Fulzele, P. Gadlinge, A. Pinjarkar- India
   Studies On Wear Behavior Of Shot Peened EN47 Steel Using Finite Element Method
         Authors : M.Giridharadhayalan, K.Velmurugan, S.Arun- India
   Solar And AC Mains Hybrid Charge Controller
         Authors : Rucha P. Khadatkar, Beauty F. Chavhan, Priya S. Sonekar, Ashwini S. Dodke- India
   Effective Hybrid Power Conditioning System For Residential Application
         Authors : S.Dhamodharan, M.Narayanan, J.Saravana Kumar, K.Saveetha- India
   Finger Vein Recognition Based Driver Authentication and Alertness System Using GSM
         Authors : Naveen M, Sudarvizhi S- India
   2-D Depth Averaged Modelling for Curvilinear Braided Stretch of River Brahmaputra in India
         Authors : M. P. Akhtar, Nayan Sharma, C.S.P.Ojha- India
   Review of Security Attacks and Issues in Wireless Sensor Network
         Authors : Mohammad Ziaullah, Roshan Ara, Prakash Shetty- India
   Topology Optimization Of Fixture Used For Quill Mounting
         Authors : Jasmin Bhimani, Sanket Pandya, Tejas Bhatt, Ankur Vachhani- India
   Cooperative Design Approach On Highway Rest Areas Reflecting Regional And Residential Characteristics- In case of Maesong rest area in Korea -
         Authors : Jaemin Jang, Eun Hak Lee- Korea
   Condition Monitoring And Fault Diagnosis Of AC Machine Using Labview Through Serial Communication
         Authors : Ms.Dhanalaksmi, M.Dinesh, G.MuthuVijay, M.S.Harish kumar, R.Vidya Kalyani- India
   Problems of Manual PCB Designing And Solutions
         Authors : Laxmikant S. Shete, Gaurav V. Navghare, Rupesh G. Waghale, D.V.Rojatkar- India
   Fuzzy Logic Based Dynamic Controller For Three Phase Brushless DC Motor
         Authors : R.Rajalakshmi, Mrs.T.Umamaheswari, Dr.S.Vijayarajan, Mr.K.Kannan- India
   Simulation and Investigation on Z-Source Inverter
         Authors : Rama Kant Sharma, Dr. Majid Jamil, Aziz Ahmad- India

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