Volume 2, Issue 6, December - January,2015

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   A Novel Approach For DTN Routing Based On Estimation Status With Delivered List Update
         Authors : Jyothyraj S, Dhanya Sudarsan- India
   Embedded Based Ethernet Measurement System for the Studies of Di-electric Constant of Binary Liquids
         Authors : Dr.Mani Kumar.C, M.Vishnu Chittan, Dr.D.Sailaja- India
   Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Power Plant
         Authors : Dhiraj dube, Amit Bhati, Deepak Kumar, Himansu Kumar, Aditya Srivastava, Dr. Arindam Ghosal- India
   Development Of A Manually Operated Fish Feed Pelleting Machine
         Authors : Burmamu B. R., Aliyu B., Tya T.S.K.- Nigeria
   Resource Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks for Temperature and Gas Monitoring
         Authors : Ilavarasan.S, Latha.P, Vijayaraj.A- India
   Solving Transient Eddy Current Problems with Radial Basis Function Method in Frequency Domain
         Authors : Chunxian Guo, Huaiqing Zhang, Xiangfeng Su, Chuanbao Zhu- China
   Effect Of Circular Ground Plane On The Radiation Characteristics Of The Circularly Polarized Antenna
         Authors : S. Rajeswari- India
   Effect of Size and Volume of Coarse Aggregate on the Properties of Self-Compacting Concrete
         Authors : Vageesh H.P, Reena K.- Ethiopia
   Efficient Data broadcasting between Vehicles in VANET’s using DSDR
         Authors : T. Kantharaju, Mamatha B.L- India
   Design And Simulation Of Multi Cell Interleaved Fly Back Converter
         Authors : P.Harika, K.Pavankumar Goud, Damodhar Reddy- India
   Composite Pipe Design And Analysis
         Authors : Khilare Umesh Arun, Prof.S.B.Sollapur- India
   Effect Of Natural Asphalt On Performance Characteristics Of Bitumen And Its Mixes
         Authors : Ambika Behl, Girish Sharma, Gajendra Kumar, Umadevi Rongali , P.K Jain - India
   Several Integral Conditions Of Oscillation For Third Order Linear Differential Equation
         Authors : Jitendra Kumar Pati, Dhirendra Kumar Dalai- India
   Prolong Brake Indicator System
         Authors : Nilkanth Velhal, Devendra Sabale - India
   Hybrid Synchronous Machine Capable Of High Output Power For Optimizing The Potentials In Nigeria’s Extractive Industries
         Authors : Enwelum M. I, Agbachi E. O - Nigeria
   Location based Steganography on mobile Smartphone using Android Platform
         Authors : Ms. Khushali Pandit, Ms. Varsha Bhosale - India
   Network Security Using Multiserver Authentication
         Authors : Mr. Yogesh R. Bhuyar , Dr. G. R. Bamnote - India
   Experimental Investigation On The Properties And Durability Of Partially Replaced Recycled Aggregates, Glass Powder Concrete For Cost Effective Construction
         Authors : Darshan Narayana, Prof. Gireesh Mailar - India
   A Delaunay Pentangle-Based Fingerprint Authentication System For Preserving Privacy Using Topology Code
         Authors : Suganya.A, Mary Amirtha Sagayee.G - India
   Forging Die Design & Simulation
         Authors : Nilkanth Velhal - India
   Enhancing The Security Of Koblitz’s Method Using Transposition Techniques For Elliptic Curve Cryptography
         Authors : Santoshi Pote - India
   Hierarchy Based Compressive Sensing and Congestion Aware Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network
         Authors : Jilani Sayyad, Dr. Nitin Choudhari - India
   Energy Efficient Air Conditioning System Design And Equipment Selection For Building
         Authors : N.Srinivasan, M.Soundarrajan, K.Venkatesh, P.Ramesh, K.Pasupathi - India
   Ensuring Account Security In Wireless Networks
         Authors : Chaitanya Chowdary Bandlamudi, K. Venkata Ramaiah - India
   Influence Of Weld Parameters On Mechanical Properties Of Dissimilar Friction Stir Welded Al Alloy Flat Plates
         Authors : R.MadhuSudhan, N. Ramanaiah - India
   Analytical Method To Calculate Tooth Pin Failure Of Bucket Tooth Of Excavator In Shearing And Bending
         Authors : Mr.Bhushan Ghodake, Prof.Sunil More - India
   Stress Concentration In Metallic Plates With Rectangular Cutout
         Authors : Madhusudan S. Tavade, Prof. R. S. Tajane - India
   The Fatigue of Additive Manufacturing Metal Parts
         Authors : Esa Hietikko, Mikko Hoffren, Matti Kesonen - Finland
   Analysis Of Cyclone Separator Using Empirical Models And CFD For Variation Of Dimensions
         Authors : Miss. Prajakta Tapkir , Dr. Dinesh Kamble - India
   Eye Blink Detection: An Approach To Drowsy Driver Detection
         Authors : Mr. Raees Ahmad, Prof. J.N. Borole - India

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