Volume 2, Issue 5, October - November,2014

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   Odometery And Terrain Mapping Using Optical Sensor Array
         Authors : Ashna Jain, Prof. Jabeena A, Sarthak Dubey, Harshitha Reddy- India
   Survey On Raid
         Authors : Aishwarya Airen, Aarsh Pandit, Anshul Sogani- India
   Ac Network Analyzer—A Dynamic Benchmark For Power System Study
         Authors : Ramleela Khare, Filipe Rodrigues E Melo- India
   Algorithm For Quality Control Of Breweries, Beverages And Cement Industries
         Authors : Anil Kumar Udugu, Dr. Anand Khare- India
   Dynamic Models For Teaching And Research In Electrical Engineering And Management Of Power
         Authors : Ramleela Khare, Filipe Rodrigues E Melo- India
   A Paper On Plunge Grinding Cycle Time Optimization Without Hampering Surface Quality Of Deep Groove Ball Bearing’s Outer Ring’s Inner And Outer Races
         Authors : Tejashree.R.Patil, Dr.S.A.Sonawane- India
   Isolation Identification And Characterization Of Thermophilic Fermenting Yeast From Jaiselmer
         Authors : Dr. Ravinder Singh Rana, Deepak Chouhan- India
   Potential of Diethyl Ether Blends with Biodiesel in DI Diesel Engine – An Experimental Investigation
         Authors : S.Sudhakar, Dr.S.Sivaprakasam- India
   Review on Effects of Different Supplementary Materials in Geopolymer Concrete
         Authors : Yagnesh Patel, Indrajit Patel, Jagruti Shah- India
   A Novel Approach For Contact less Mobile Battery Charging Using RF Signal
         Authors : Sowmiya.P, S.Arokia Magdaline- India
   A Novelty System for Implementation of Hand Gesture to Real Motion
         Authors : T.Arunkumar, Mr.Dinesh Sundar- India
   Dynamic Skyline Computation in a Mobile Environment
         Authors : Myung Kim, Jihyun Kim- Korea
   High Range Inquiry Dispensation and Blunder Restraint with Load Balancing in Intelligent VANET
         Authors : Aswiga.R.V, Vijayaraj.A, Raja Ramya.M- India
   Development Of Oil Mist Separator And Evaluation With Oil Droplet Diameter Using Multiphase Simulation For Diesel Engine
         Authors : Mr. Mangesh B. Dusane, Dr.M.R.Nandgaonkar- India
   Discretion Conserving Data Distribution with Anonymous ID
         Authors : Chiranjeevi Mathe, Narasimha Rao, Venkataramaiah K- India
   Modified Distance Aware Zone Routing Protocol for Less Delay Transmission in MANET
         Authors : Dhanya Sudarsan- India
   Study On Performance Of Sugarcane Bagasse Ash Waste As A Concrete Cement
   Adaptive Threshold Based Efficient Removal of Impulse Noise
         Authors : L.S.Usharani, Dr.P.Thiruvalarselvan, Dr.G.Jagajothi- India

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