Volume 2, Issue 4, August - September,2014

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   Influence Analysis of Displacement Currents in Geoelectromagnetic Methods
         Authors : Huai-qing Zhang, Yu Chen, Chun-xian Guo and Ke Zheng- China
   Design Optimization of Gating System by Fluid Flow and Solidification Simulation for Pump Casing by Sand Casting
         Authors : Naveenkumar, Bharat.S.Kodli- India
   An Innovative Gene Identification and Classification Method by Bidirectional String Matching Algorithm and SVM Classifier
         Authors : Debashis Ghosh, Ankur Mondal- India
   Analysis Of Stresses On Human Femur Bone
         Authors : Navanath Manjare, Zakeer Baig, Subim Khan- India
   Stress Concentration: An Experimental And Analysis Of Plate With Rectangular Cutout
         Authors : Swapnil Fegade, Prof. R. D. Patil- India
   Advancements In Evaporative Cooling Technology As A Substitute To Air Conditioners For Pune Weather
         Authors : M.M.Kulkarni, Dr.K.N.VijayKumar, Dr.P.A.Patil, S.S.Kolapkar- India
   Radiation Sheilding Capacity Of Concrete Using Waste Steel Slag
         Authors : M.Iyappan, Dr.K.C.Pazhani- India
   Analysis for Alternatives of Geometry for the Intake Side of the Sump to Enhance Performance of Centrifugal Pump
         Authors : Ms.Jagruti Rane, Prof. Milind Wasekar- India
   Transformation of ICT initiative for Indian Agriculture In Modern World
         Authors : Shabana Tabusum. S.Z, A. Saleem, Dr. M. Sadik Batcha- India
   Dynamic Response Of Rc Buildings By Using Artificial Neural Networks
         Authors : Anusha M.R., Dr.S.B.Vanakudre- India
   6T - SRAM for Low Power Consumption
         Authors : Mrs. J.N.Ingole, Ms.P.A.Mirge- India
   Enhancement of Power Quality with Single Phase Hybrid Series Active Power Filter by Using Fuzzy Logic Controller
         Authors : Naveen Kumar P, G.Indira Kishore , TSLV. Ayya Rao- India
   Frequency Domain Based MSRCR Method for Color Image Enhancement
         Authors : Siddesha K, Kavitha Narayan B M- India
   Development Of Cognitive Architecture For Implementing Micro And Macro Economic Concepts
         Authors : Shiva Prakash M, Dr. Vijayakumar Maragal Venkatamuni- India
   Design and Implementation Of High Speed Serial Data Transmission Techniques Using FPGA: RocketIO And Giga-Bit Ethernet
         Authors : Parvathy V R, Rejani Krishna P, Merin Sarah George- India
   Design, Analysis and Optimization of a Lifting Tong
         Authors : Vishwanat Kanal,Vinod Nirale, Ravindra Kondaguli- India
   Experimental Investigation On Performance, Emission And Combustion Characteristics Of Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Running On Bavanchi Oil Or [Psoralea Corylifolia Oil]
         Authors : Vinay Kulkarni, S.R.Hotti, Dr O.D.Hebbal - India
   An Effective Way Of Reducing The Leakage Power By Sleep Methods In Deep Submicron Circuits
         Authors : Kodali Venkata Bhanu Prakash, Ms. M.Pavitra - India
   Ontology Driven Conceptual Framework for E-Learning System
         Authors : Rakesh Kumar Singh, Ranjan Singh - India
   Tri-Axis Motion Detection Using MEMS For Unwired Mouse Navigation System In The Future Generation Machines
         Authors : Syed Amjed Ali, Raees Ahmad, Moeenuddin Ansari - India
   Modeling And Simulation Based Structured Approach For Automated Manufacturing Process
         Authors : R. A. Kulkarni, J. P. Modak - India
   Stabilization Of Black Cotton Soil By Using Lime And Recron Fibers
         Authors : Sunilakumar Biradar, Shivaraj Biradar, A.D Kotagond - India
   Performance Comparison and Analysis of AODV, OLSR and TORA Using Jelly Fish Attack under MANET
         Authors : Er. Pardeep Singh, Er. Rachna Rajput - India

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